Edmon Begoli    (C53)

Chief Technology Officer,
PYA Analytics
Tennessee, USA

email: ebegoli [at] gmail.com    (3K70)

Edmon Begoli is a CTO with PYA Analytics, has PhD in Computer Science from University of Tennessee - Knoxville, and is a member of the Fedora Linux project.    (C54)

His interests in this subject are both professional and personal, and they go back to his Masters Degree in CS, and the graduate project that demonstrated cancer research exchange system based on the semantic web concepts. {nid C55} His academic research interests are in alternative forms of knowledge representation for individuals with cognitive impairments.    (3C7C)

Edmon is an invited expert with W3C working on reference implementation for EmotionML and with Multimodal Interaction Activity group.    (3C7D)