Dorai Thodla    (1MEW)

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Hi, Welcome to my page. I am a serial entrepreneur (iMorph is my fourth startup) mostly building products. I am more of a techie than a businessman and enjoy being small so that I can spend more time learning, teaching and practicing than doing all the other boring stuff you need to do to run a company.    (1O23)

The link above is a good place to start if you want to know more about me (include a link to my LinkedIn profile).    (1O24)

I believe that Semantic Web will have a profound impact on this world. I use Wikis everywhere - my personal idea logs, learnlogs, our company knowledge base, resource list etc. I think of Wiki should be embedded in every product. The Wiki Way is the way.    (1O25)

But wikis are just in their infancy. Many concepts from Semantic web can add structure to Wikis and make them better, more useful.    (1O26)

We are using Wikis for Teaching and Learning. We have a few thoughts on adding more Semantics for Learning Wikis. As we build our prototypes we will add references to them here.    (1O27)