Dennis Thomas    (SIV)

Dennis L. Thomas
Executive Vice President
Knowledge Foundations, Inc.
Westminster, California, USA.
Ofc: (714) 890-5984
Cell: (760) 500-9167
Dir: (714) 486-1612
e-mail:    (SIW)

Dennis is a co-founder of Knowledge Foundations, Inc. and contributor to KFI's revolutionary theory-based semantic software product called Mark 3. Mark 3 faithfully represents every form of knowledge by simulating the concepts, ideas, thought patterns and well-justified theory that defines their relationships. This content is stored in declarative repositories called a knowledgebase. Mark 3 scales to any dimension, proportional to content, and enables non-programming professionals the means to automate the knowledgebase development process.    (11WT)

Prior to jointing forces with Richard L. Ballard, Ph.D., Software Scientist with KFI, Dennis served as CEO, senior level manager and consultant with both public and private ventures.    (11WR)