David Decraene As from 2004, I have been employed by Language and Computing NV (L&C) as an active designer/architect of large scale Formal ontologies / ontology-based solutions. Previously, I have been active as a researcher in the field of signal transduction and oncology at the department of dermatology, University of Leuven and in the field of photoprotectant and anti-oxidant compounds in research cooperation with the Estee Lauder Research Laboratories.    (11JQ)

In my spare time I am working on OntologyOnline, an experiment in Ontology visualisation and web-integration. {nid 17TV} I am the author of the jOWL Semantic Javascript Library, an AJAX / jQuery based plugin that loads and visualizes OWL-DL documents.    (1K41)

David Decraene
PH.D. BioMedical sciences.
Ontology Design and Development.
Language and Computing
http://www.landcglobal.com {nid 11JM}
http://OntologyOnline.org    (17TW)

My professional profile can be found at:    (11JN)