David C. Martin    (JSS)

 IBM Healthcare & Life Sciences
 Senior IT Specialist – Information Based Medicine
 Almaden Research Center - 650 Harry Road, San Jose CA 95120 USA
 dcmartin-at-us.ibm.com | 408-927-3640 (OFFICE)    (HAG)

David C Martin is a senior specialist for the Information-based Medicine EBO in Healthcare & Life Sciences focusing on the technology and architecture required to support Clinical Genomics and Personalized Healthcare. During 2002-2004, leading the Healthcare & Life Sciences IVP/IIS technology sales team in regulatory compliance, data warehousing, service-oriented architectures, workflow, collaboration and knowledge management in life sciences, pharmaceutical and biotechnology. During 1995-1999, developing data mining and business intelligence technologies and solutions for IBM at the Almaden Research Center, Austin Development Lab and Tokyo Research Lab, including DecisionEdge, Intelligent Miner, and SurfAid. Previously, Assistant Director at UC San Francisco Center for Knowledge Management; Senior Scientist at Molecular Simulations (now Accelrys); Member of the Technical Staff at Sun Microsystems. Six (6) patents, including the Web browser plug-in (US 5,838,906), BA (CA-Berkeley); MS (WI-Madison)    (JST)