Dario de Judicibus is Fashion Industry Leader of IBM Europe SEI Smarter Commerce team. He is a certified Managing Consultant (International Council of Management Consulting Institutes), with specializations in Business Strategy, Knowledge Management, and Social Networking. He is also an expert of Problem Solving methodologies as well as Internet and Software Development; he works in the Italian Software Group. He has been involved in Intellectual Capital, Patents and Knowledge Management since 1993.    (3GDA)

Dr. Dario de Judicibus was born in Brescia (Italy) on 1960. In the period between 1980 and 1984 he participated to several High Energy Particles experiments as a member of the Italian Institute of Nuclear Physics. In fact, he worked at CERN (Geneva, CH), SLAC (Stanford, CA, USA), DESY (Hamburg, D), and CNUCE (Pisa, I). In 1984 he graduated with full marks — magna cum laude — in Physics at the Arcetri's Department of Physics of the University of Florence with a thesis on the spectroscopic analysis of radiative decays of Upsilon (2S) particle. At the beginning of 1985 he joined the Italian Artillery Army as Specialist Officer, and discharged with honor in June 1986. After few days he joined the Rome Software Development Laboratory of IBM.    (3GDB)

He is also an IBM inventor, since between 1999 and 2012 he patented six inventions: US05874962 — «System and method for arranging windows displayed by a graphical user interface», US05859640 — «Method and apparatus for warning a user that feedback has been provided in a graphical user interface», US6163317 — «Method and apparatus for dynamically grouping objects», US7080086 — «Interaction with query data», US06651054 — «Method, system, and program for merging query search results», US8113959 — «Method and system for rendering the scenes of a role playing game in a metaverse». Between 2004 and 2010 he submitted other three patents. He also received three times the prestigious Outstanding Invention Award from IBM Corporation.    (3GDC)

Dario de Judicibus is also a writer. He wrote more than 250 articles in 14 years on several Italian magazines and newspaper: MC Microcomputer, Internet News, e-Business News, Digital, Internet Pro, Iged, Corriere, Avvenire, and Logistica Management. He also published 6 books — «TCP/IP in Pillole», «Imparare XML in 6 ore», «Le 10 Regole dei Buoni Genitori», «Le 10 Regole per Vivere Sereni», «La Lama Nera», «Le 10 Regole per Vivere Felici con un Gatto» — the short story «Scacco matto all'assassino» in anthology «GialloScacchi», and the ePub «Delitto Perfetto» on Amazon, whereas other four books are under review in Italy, Spain, and Poland. He has also a blog: «L’Indipendente».    (3GDD)