Daniel Blitz    (SVJ)

Dan Blitz
Business Development Manager,
e-mail: daniel.blitz-at-honeywell.com    (SVK)

I am a Business Development Manager with Honeywell Automation & Control Solutions Advanced Technology Laboratory, and have been with Honeywell for about 7 years. I have an academic background in Mechanical Engineering (BS from Duke University, 1989), and in Management (MS from Johns Hopkins University, 1995). In my career, I have worked as an Engineer, Engineering Manager, Program Manager, and presently in Business Development.    (SVL)

In my present role with Honeywell ACS, I focus on identifying and securing external R&D funding in the broad area of "Knowledge Services." This includes the study and application of ontologies particularly where they relate to Honeywell's business offerings in control systems, decision support systems, security, fire and life safety, and in Defense.    (SVM)

The areas I am interested in are: Decision Support Technology for multiple applications Situational Awareness (SAW) and Common Operational Picture (COP) for security/force protection SAW/COP for emergency response and incident management Ad-hoc interoperability and mobile ad-hoc networks    (SVN)