UBL-Ontology Project Conference Call - Thu 2003-07-24    (72J)

Conference Call Details    (72K)

Attendees    (730)

Agenda Ideas    (73B)

Agenda & Proceedings    (73F)

  1) Welcome    (73G)
  2) Appointment of secretary to take minutes    (73I)
  3) Roll-call of participants    (73K)
  4) Communication logistics & work protocols    (73L)
     a. members' wiki pages    (73M)
     b. a check if we are still following our agreed methodology    (73N)
  5) Continuation of the discussion on the "Invoice" ontology    (73O)
  6) Collaborative formalization workshop/tutorial session next week    (73P)
     a. Moderator / driver / leader    (73Q)
     b. Process    (73R)
     c. Preparation tasks before the session    (73S)
  7) Possible face-to-face meeting    (73T)
     a. Sep-2003    (73U)
     b. Mar. 22-24, 2004 (alongside AAAI symposium at Stanford)    (73V)
  8) Sponsorship and funding    (73W)
  9) Other business    (73X)
 10) Next meeting date and adjourn    (749)
 notes taken by PeterYim in real time on the wiki
 ppy / 2003-07-24_11:50am PDT    (74C)