UBL-Ontology Project Conference Call - Thu 2003-06-05    (6QT)

Conference Call Details    (6QU)

Attendees    (6RA)

Agenda Ideas    (6RI)

Agenda    (6RO)

1) Welcome    (6RP)

2) Appointment of secretary to take minutes    (6RQ)

3) Roll-call of participants    (6RR)

4) Communication logistics & work protocols    (6RS)

5) Status on use cases write-up's (http://ontolog.cim3.net/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?UseCases)    (6RT)

a. PO / Invoice reconciliation (BillMcCarthy / MikeDaconta)    (6RU)

b. Address structure (SueProbert / PeterYim / TimMcGrath)    (6RV)

c. Mapping to other representations (JohnYunker / PeterYim / SueProbert)    (6RW)

6) Status of analysis and formalization of UBL models    (6RX)

a. Invoice (AdamPease)    (6RY)

b. PO (BillMcCarthy)    (6RZ)

c. Shipping (JohnYunker)    (6S0)

d. Formalization of Core Components (http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/ubl-lcsc/200304/msg00004.html)    (6S1)

7) More tutorials?    (6S2)

a. repeat "intro" tutorial?    (6S3)

b. next tutorial? - topic; instructor; date    (6S4)

8) face-to-face meeting?    (6S5)

a. Sep-2003    (6S6)

b. Mar. 22~24, 2004 (alongside AAAI symposium at Stanford)    (6S7)

9) Sponsorship and funding    (6S8)

10) Planning deliverables for the next UBL TC meeting (end July 2003) and UN/CEFACT meeting (mid Sep. 2003).    (6S9)

11) Any Other business    (6SA)

a. what else do we need to advance the project more quickly?    (6SB)

12) Next meeting date and adjourn    (6SC)

 Meeting cancelled due to the fact that we did not reach critical mass.
  ppy / 2003-06-05_10:55am PDT    (6SE)