UBL-Ontology Project Conference Call - Thu 2003-05-22    (6O8)

Conference Call Details    (6O9)

Attendees    (6OP)

Agenda Ideas    (6OZ)

Agenda & Proceedings    (6P0)

1) Welcome    (6P1)

2) Appointment of secretary to take minutes    (6P5)

3) Roll-call of participants    (6P8)

4) TimMcGrath    (6PB)

a. Ontolog contributions to UBL effort    (6PC)

b. Interpretation of UBL documents    (6PD)

5) Introduction to Ontology / SUMO / Protégé tutorial (May 29th)    (6PX)

a. Recording -- KurtConrad will do the voice recording    (6PY)

6) Communication logistics & work protocols    (6Q5)

a. YellowDragon ebXML repository    (6Q6)

7) Status on use cases (http://ontolog.cim3.net/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?UseCases)    (6Q9)

b. PO / Invoice reconciliation (BillMcCarthy / MikeDaconta)    (6QA)

c. Address structure (SueProbert / PeterYim / TimMcGrath)    (6QB)

d. Mapping to other representations (JohnYunker / PeterYim / SueProbert)    (6QC)

8) Status of analysis and formalization of UBL models    (6QE)

a. Invoice (Adam Pease)    (6QF)

b. PO (Bill McCarthy)    (6QG)

c. Shipping (John Yunker)    (6QH)

d. Formalization of Core Components (http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/ubl-lcsc/200304/msg00004.html)    (6QI)

9) Sponsorship and funding    (6QL)

10) Other business    (6QN)

11) Next meeting date and adjourn    (6QP)

 Minutes taken by PeterYim on the wiki in real time
 ppy / 2003-05-22_11:22 PDT    (6QS)