OntologySummit2008 - Content Planning Meeting - Fri 2008-02-01    (18KR)

Summit Theme: "Toward an Open Ontology Repository"    (18MZ)

The key purpose of this meeting is for the pre-launch planning of the OntologySummit2008 content and the process to assure that the community can effectively explore, debate, deliberate and capture that content through our online discourse, between the Feb-27 Launch Event and the Apr-28 & 29 (2008) face-to-face workshop.    (18N0)

Conference Call Details    (18KS)

Attendees    (18KU)

Agenda Ideas    (18LE)

Resources    (18MT)

Agenda & Proceedings    (18LH)

1) Welcome & confirmation of agenda    (18LI)

2) Appointment of secretary to take minutes    (18NP)

3) Roll-call of participants    (18NR)

4)Review and adopt agenda    (18NU)

5) Key Issues discussion:    (18NV)

The "deliverable" from this meeting is a set of main topics that support the theme of the OntologySummit2008 and possible champions for each of the main topics.    (18VI)

The champions for each main topic can facilitate keeping discussion threads active in that area. They also play the lead role in keeping the associated Synopsis pages updated for the main topic and its discussion threads.    (18VJ)

Synopsis pages contain an information overview of the topic threads and external links related to the topics. This allows user's to see the main points of a discussion and drill into the discussion threads or to reference resources cited here from the discussion threads.    (18VK)

In support of this meeting's purpose:    (18VL)

I. Review topics given the following criteria:    (18VM)

1) The topic has been expressed to be of interest (.i.e. somebody cares about this topic enough to participate in its discussion and perhaps enough to be the champion of a synopsis page covering the topic.)    (18VN)

2) The topic is important in moving us toward an open ontology repository.    (18VO)

II. Group topics into 3 to 5 main subject areas.    (18VP)

III. Rally champions for the main subject areas.    (18VQ)

Results of the topic selection and restructuring done during this meeting are here.    (18SQ)

1. Topic Area Champions revise thread topic structure for each Main Topic    (18SR)

2. Initialize Topic Area Synopsis pages (PeterYim will provide pages with initial templating)    (18SZ)

3. Create Topic Area kickoff threads    (18T0)

4. Announce Topic Areas at the OntologySummit2008 Launch Event.    (18SW)

6) Any Other business.    (18NZ)

7) Next meeting date and adjourn    (18O0)

8) Audio archive of the session: click here (mp3) [ 1 Hr. 52 min. / 12.8 MB ] {nid 18OQ}    (18WP)

 minutes captured in real time on this wiki by MichelleRaymond & RaviSharma / 2008.02.01-_____  PST 
 Attendees are requested to review the notes above, help clean it up, and make amendments and edits to better 
 reflect the proceedings of the session as they see fit (particularly where they are personally involved).    (18O3)