Ontolog Forum Panel Discussion    (EO5)

25 August 2005    (EO6)

Healthcare Informatics Landscapes, Roadmaps, and Blueprints: Towards a Business Case Strategy for Large Scale Ontology Projects    (EMP)

Moderated by: RexBrooks,    (EMQ)

1. Objectives This Panel Discussion seeks to:    (ET7)

2. Background: Prior Ontolog Discussion Forums have focused upon topics such as Services Sciences and Ontologies and Tagging for an increasingly focused audience of interdisciplinary experts and cross-disciplinary practitioners, while recent Ontolog Speaker Forums have examined topics of :    (ETB)

3. Key assumptions and start of a framework for discussing large scale Healthcare ontology implementation strategies    (ETF)

3.1 Ontolog Health Informatics foundations    (ETJ)

3.2 Ontolog Health Informatics participation in USA’s SICoP and ONC RFI-summary (The Prelude to the 4 RFPs and the AHIC Charter) Today, as a cumulative result of trends and events, Canada, the UK, New Zealand, and the United States have launched significant HIT projects.    (EMZ)

These individual projects involve implicit ontology strategies impacting many different domains. More specifically, these domains include the financial, geopolitical governmental (legal, law enforcement, military, overlapping municipal, county-borough, regional, state-province jurisdictional) and related business/commerical information networks and matrices. Not surprisingly, the apparent complexity of programs and resource dependencies requires “increasingly sophisticated” tools such as Protege and other alternatives to simple spreadsheets or word processing tools, and training-indoctrination and education of new skills.    (EN0)

3. 3 Expansion of AHIC’s impacts upon standards bodies and opportunity for the business case arguments/committments [ Layers, Levels, Points of View / Viewpoints, Goals-Means Chains; Rules, and Rules for Rulemaking Policies; Domain ecology ]    (EN1)

3.4 Service Domain Systems and Service-Oriented Architectures provide means for maintaining EHR-States (Updates and Acknowledgements of State Change)    (EN2)

4.Panel Discussion: General Initial orienting questions around the proposition: "We have reached a “tipping point” because of the change in the focus of large organizations' attention now achieved by Dr. Brailer’s ONCHIT initiatives." (Keep in mind the primary vectors/axes of Time, Place, Threat Level, Personal / Group Privacy-Security)    (F12)

5. Panel Discussion: Domain specific questions and answers...    (EN6)

Government: GSA Office of Intergovernmental Solutions /VA (David Whitten-MarcWine) would be ideally suited to address this area, but Department of Homeland Security (Mike Daconta-DRM/NIEM) and/or Department of Justice (GJXDM-JIEM) would also be well suited for some aspects, so perhaps a team would be in order;    (EN7)

Standards Bodies such as OASIS Healthcare Industry Consultant Brett Trusko, with perhaps a team as well, including International Health Continuum, Emergency Management, Business Centric Methodology, and, perhaps XML-Legal Technical Committees;    (EN8)

OMG/HL7, Dr. Christopher Chute perhaps with a team of his choosing, as well;    (EN9)

Ontological Community: Mark Musen, Bob Smith to represent this community.    (ENA)

6. A few Domain specific considerations:    (F13)

We would like 5-7 slides summarizing the panelist's position in relation to the topic, with a short biographical sketch. We will compile the slides into a combined presentation, and each panelist will have 5-7 minutes to make a short presentation to accompany their slides, then we will proceed with the discussion. There will be a page on the Ontolog website for the slides to be posted so that all panelists can review them, and make such adjustments as they require.    (ENC)

We would like the panelists to select three main questions from those presented, or suggest their own, and we will post the consensus questions on the webiste. We will start the discussion with those question and will proceed from there.    (END)