Joint SICoP-Ontolog Conference Call - Thu 2004-08-12    (2RM)

Conference Call Details    (2RN)

/Attendees    (2S1)

Agenda Ideas    (2S3)

Reference Material    (2SF)

Agenda & Proceedings    (2SS)

1) Welcome    (2ST)

2) Appointment of secretary to take minutes    (2T0)

3) Roll-call of participants    (2T2)

4) Upcoming / Standing meeting schedule (this & next month)    (2T4)

5) Discussion: the September 8th Executive Briefing panel for the Second Semantic Technologies for E-Government Conference    (2TC)

6) Discussion: a presentation of what SICoP / Ontolog could do for the FHA, in terms of their:    (2TI)

7) Sponsorship and funding    (2TY)

8) Project Status Report (- Ontolog regular order of business):    (2US)

9) Other business    (2UX)

10) Next meeting date and adjourn    (2V7)

 minutes captured in real time on this wiki by PeterYim
 ppy /2004.08.12 13:23 PDT    (2VC)
 Please review above. All attendees are welcomed to make corrections, amendments and updates. Thanks. -ppy    (2VD)