Claudio Cardone    (13T4)

Rome, Italy    (13T7)

I studied neurophysiology/behavioural sciences, my research thesis focused on the neurophysiological and behavioural responses to emotion-inducing stimuli. I've been involved in the neurophysiologic study of the parietal cortex of the monkey, participating at the experiments in the Laboratory of Human Physiology of the "Sapienza" University of Rome (2005-2007). I'm also interested in Daoism and I attended a school of Chinese Medicine (2205-2007).    (13TD)

Currently I'm working in an italian SME, Epistematica (, carrying out a project dealing with the interoperability of bio-ontologies. The project, named InMoBio, is focused on the analysis of the biologic ontologies, to the aim of applying or finding some way to integrate/modularize existing ontologies and/or to suggest a shared methodology to build the new ones. In the freely accessible wiki of the project ( there are some matters of discussion and I would be very glad for any participation or intervention:    (13TE)

for ontologists, it could be interesting to exchange some ideas about ontologies integration/modularization techniques at the pages &, or discuss about the tools at I'm a biologist, so up to now there aren't many "personal considerations" on that matter (except for OntoClean), but I hope for your contributes.    (13TF)

For biologists (and interested ontologists), I kindly ask your help for a careful analysis of the most common biologic concepts included in the available and well known ontologies ( I think that, especially in biology, it is important to clarify what we mean with the words, before we build and share knowledge.    (13TG)

Finally, for both people, on the InMoBio website there's a collection of freely downloadable articles, reports and ontologies, already classified following an ontologic model (that will be soon - I hope! - updated). I hope this helps your researches and I hope you will find useful to add your preferred sources of information in the InMoBio's archive, for the benefit of all us.    (13TH)

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