Chris Deaton    (Q0R)

A project manager and a lead ontologist at Cycorp. Chris received a BA in Philosophy from Western Washington University and an MA in Philosophy from the University of Massachusetts in Amherst, where he specialized in philosophy of language and contemporary metaphysics. With Cycorp since 2002, he has designed large additions to Cycorp's terrorism ontology and worked extensively with representations of context and cross contextual reasoning, especially those dealing with conversions from one representation style to another. A major contributor to Cycorp's medical ontology, he has designed suites of bridging axioms designed to translate between Cyc's middle and medical domain ontology and specific cardiac surgery domain ontologies. As a member of the IKRIS scenarios working group Chris contributed to the design of a shared inner theory for scenario/event representations for the IKRIS Common Logic effort. He was the project manager and lead ontologist in Cycorp's collaboration with a major medical institution to produce a query system that generates queries against a rdf store of surgery records served by a SPARQL query service    (3C6T)

Relevant Publications / Presentations:    (3C6U)

Christopher D. Pierce, David Booth, Chimezie Ogbuji, Chris Deaton, Eugene Blackstone, and Doug Lenat "SemanticDB: A Semantic Web Infrastructure for Clinical Research andQuality Reporting", Bentham Science: Current Bioinformatics Volume 7, 2012    (3C6V)

Lenat, D., Witbrock, M., Baxter, D., Blackstone, E., Deaton, C., Schneider, D., Scott, J., and Shepard, B., "Harnessing Cyc to answer clinical researchers' ad hoc queries", AI Magazine, 31, 3, Fall, 2010.    (3C6W)

A Semantic Approach to Health Care Quality Reporting, Chris Pierce, Chris Deaton, Brian Beck, Chimezie Ogbuji, Semantic Technology Conference, June 2009    (3C6X)

Chris Deaton, B. Shepard, C. Klein, C. Mayans, B. Summers, A. Brusseau, M. Witbrock. The Comprehensive Terrorism Knowledge Base in Cyc. In Proceedings of the 2005 International Conference on Intelligence Analysis, McLean, Virginia, May 2005.    (3C6Y)

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