Charles P. White    (14Z3)

NASA / Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology
Subject Matter Expert Virtual Worlds
Principle Investigator Second Life Technical Infusion and Selection Project
Program Administrator JPL Spacecraft Problem Reporting System (PRS)

email:    (14Z4)

Background Information:    (159X)

I work at the Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL) because I was inspired by Dr. Carl Sagan¬ís television show Cosmos. While employed at JPL, I met Dr. Sagan and had a chance to have a heart to heart talk, where Dr. Sagan expressed his gratitude that his TV show had inspired someone into the space sciences. During my 20 years at JPL I was the Matrix Mathematics Toolsmith for the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and provide the needed software tools that the navigators, scientists and engineers use to fly space missions.    (159V)

Today, I am the Program Manager for the JPL Spacecraft Problem Reporting System (PRS) that is used to report all flight, pre-flight, and development problems with all JPL spacecraft. I am also exploring the use of Virtual Worlds as an innovative way to design future spacecraft through collaboration.    (15F8)

I am married with two adult children, two horses and two cats. I enjoy astronomy, competition airsoft shooting, and model railroading. I am also a music composer and have created and performed 8 soundtracks for JPL mini-documentaries and in so doing won a Silver Telly award for composition in a non-profit documentary. I am Native American of the Ojibway People and I am very active in my culture and intertribal events.    (159W)

I volunteer my spare time with the U.S. Forest Service as a Patrol Ranger and Fire Lookout.    (15A1)

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"Measure my wealth not in cash... rather, in people that call me their friend. They make me truly rich. I owe them many favors, and they owe me. It is intangible commerce where a poor man shames us all.", Charles White    (15AE)