CAPTCHA - captcha    (QLR)

An acronym for "completely automated public Turing-test to tell computers and humans apart")    (QLS)

This is the technology employed here to make sure people editing our wiki's are humans and not spambots.    (QLT)

When you first do a "create account"* on this wiki, the rough-looking graphics at the bottom which you need to match to qualify you for enabling you to edit any page on this wiki is from a CAPTCHA module that is implemented in our system here.    (QLU)

see also: CweWiki:CAPTCHA    (QLV)

 *our "create account" process actually does not create any real account/credentials for you. 
 The process, as mentioned above, is merely put there to make sure we are making a best effort to 
 allow genuine community members to contribute content, and block others with irrelevant or malicious 
 intent from messing up our workspace.    (QLW)