Onuma EnergySmart RetroBIMs, Lavelle VROC, and the Open Floor Plan Display (OPFD) Standard - Fri 2011-02-04 11:00am PST    (2MZG)

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	MikeLevelle: Need IP as our connectivity method    (2N1X)
        TobyConsidine: Space and Energy Usage visualization
        Example: rooms color coded on floor plan by energy consumption. where the uses could see that there room was coded red while others were green.    (2N1Y)
	MikeLevelle: Communication via graphical objects that gain the attention of the people who have to use and manage the system
      Take advantage of components that are out there
      Add a social component to this with a compelling graphic    (2N1Z)
        TobyConsidine: Energy is space based - if people can't see it they can't understand it
                       Green registrar - for classroom use how do you know what systems are serving that space in HVAC, lighting, etc...
                       Example: By classroom number which air handlers and air zones are turned on    (2N20)
        ChuckBrands: Issue of HVAC is designed around zones and people usage is around rooms    (2N21)
        ChuckBrands: WS-Calendar to add in scheduling on how the rooms are supposed to be used 
                      Scheduling of HVAC based on room usage patterns    (2N22)
        DavidCoggeshall: Want a profile of building and what the expected load is which is a function of your scheduling and usage patterns    (2N23)
	MikeLevelle: Modeling a building first against interval data for the past year to determine peak loads and usage patterns (energy profile)    (2N24)
        TobyConsidine: National Renewable Energy Labs are working on Live Energy Models but need loose light energy models that are good enough    (2N25)
	MikeLevelle: Live Energy Model has a lot of merit
                     At a school w/ one meeting on a Sunday and the school was using 600kW which is enough energy to light up 150 homes.
                     So can't just model what it "should be", need to monitor actual load even just at the total building level    (2N26)
        DavidCoggeshall: A simple model of just the spaces against load usage will give you a lot of data to do monitoring against expectations    (2N27)
        TobyConsidine: We are talking about both an analysis tool with visualization and a decision support tool for decision support 
                       Example: Looking at Plug Load Mapping of equipment to spaces we would want to be able to consume the data available and display it within the spatial context    (2N28)
        DavidCoggeshall: Floor plan visualization will help people understand how energy is consumed
                         Open Floor plan will also help them to get around the buildings, to find people, to know where to help the fire-fighters    (2N29)
        TobyConsidine: Open Floor Plan is spot on for the lightweight front end
                       To get Open Floor Plan right we need to think about how it can be made redeployable in different disciplines with support for bringing in the data specific to each domain usage
                       This doesn't have to be "right" in the first pass, it can evolve    (2N2A)
        DavidCoggeshall: Open Floor Plan is web browser viewable with behaviors by layer or object using CSS
                         One of the challenges is how to make it flexible to work across communities    (2N2B)
         KimonOnuma: Start with the data that is available and we bring in building drawings as they are available - raster, vector, BIM or whatever is available 
                     Our passion is "lets just implement it"
                     Triage the data you have and start working with it today because you are bleeding to death - so put out what is possible today    (2N2C)
        DavidCoggeshall: Can start with a retro-fitted slim BIM
                         Visualization for operation, for services, and for monitoring
                         Provide a quick easy to understand 2D or 3D visualization of energy to space for the various users    (2N2D)
        TobyConsidine: We are doing the COBie of BIM
                       COBie is a series of spreadsheets for equipment and schedules
                       Now we want to do that for spaces as a very-light BIM from big-BIM or retro-BIM or what ever is currently available to become the operating BIM for what you need to make operation decisions    (2N2E)
        KimonOnuma: We stripped the IFC down to BIMXML as a lightweight BIM 
                    bSA is starting to prototype "simple IFC"
                    Suggest looking at BIMXML as a format    (2N2F)
        TobyConsidine: GB-XML is becoming the de facto method for exchange of lightweight engineering information between design systems and for energy data for LEED    (2N2G)
        ChuckBrands: For case studies consider East Side Public Safety Center Extension of Victor Valley Community College
                      Right across the street, United Green is putting up a building for a new school called Green Smart Technical College 
                      My dream is to train Veterans and others on practices and processes to go out to buildings to add sensors and monitor them
                      May be able to use the combined college campuses in Open Floor Plan effort    (2N2H)
        DavidCoggeshall: Deborah MacPherson is head of Open Floor Plan for bSA    (2N2I)
        DeborahMacPherson: I need a follow on conversation w/ Kimon regarding bSA...Just finishing up article for JBIM on web services    (2N8U)

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