BuildingServicePerformance: BSP Project Pre-Kickoff Planning Conference Call - Mon 2008-06-16    (1IEP)

Pre-Kickoff Planning Conference Call Details:    (1IEQ)

Attendees    (1IEY)

Conference Call Notes    (1IF9)

PeterYim - suggestion - "Conveners" and "Founding Members". One requirement may be participation or regrets for kick-off meeting.    (1J80)

Encourage participation from Finith, Fabian, and some folks from NIST. Will send an announcement to fic-bim list at National Institute of Building Sciences and others to be discussed.    (1J81)

Agenda & Proceedings    (1J8Z)

Next schedule is the 30th, on 23rd will add one, EDT 1:30 to 3:00 standing meeting next week. Othel volunteers for notes, BobSmith will chair.    (1J92)

Talk to everyone then!    (1J90)

Starting to head in the right direction.    (1J91)