BuildingServicePerformance: Charter    (1K1F)

Mission    (1K1G)

"Building Service Performance" is an Ontolog project to formalize how we describe services performed in the built environment.    (1K1H)

Primary Problems to Resolve    (1K1W)

Purpose (~ Goals and Objectives)    (1K1I)

end Charter    (1K7L)

Related More Detailed Planning Documentation    (1K7M)

Performance Success Indicators    (1K26)

How the BSP Framework Could be Used    (1K4T)

The use cases below are simply thought exercises illustrating how the BSP Framework could be used. They are not intended to indicate final products, but instead stimulate your thinking.    (1K2X)

"Need more information below"    (1K48)

Related Topics outside of the BSP Charter    (1K3P)

Governance and Operational Planning    (1K27)

Time lines and Road Maps    (1K28)

Resources and Skills    (1K2B)