Boris SHVEDIN    (1ZBK)

Boris Yakovlevich Shvedin (1948)
Dun Rose Ltd.
Rostov-on-Don, Russia

email:    (25ZG)

Co-founder and CEO of Dun Rose Ltd (HQ in Rostov-on-Don, Russia), Agrocom Holding (Russia) Director’s Board Member.    (1ZBL)

Graduated Nuclear Power Engineering Faculty of Russian Navy University in 1971. From 1971 to 1974 served in the several commander positions on the Russian Northern Navy Fleet nuclear power submarines. In 1977 obtained the Degree in Military Psychology from Military Academy (Moscow).    (1ZBM)

During the service period has actively participated in numerous governmental military researches and studies of the individual’s and troop’s behavior during the real battle situations. Was among the founders and devoted participants of USSR Army Psychology Service. Developed the Systemic-Situational Analysis of Activity(SSAA) and Method of Consecutive Dynamic Situation Exploration (MCDSE) (book were published in 1989), which are currently widely used in the military psychology researches in Russia. In 1983 obtained the Ph.D. Degree with the profound research on the Influence of Stress on the Naval Watch Officer’s Activity.    (1ZBN)

After Army retirement in 1990 in the rank of Navy Commodore (1 star rank), Mr. Shvedin was invited to take the Professor’s position in the Foreign Economic Relations Academy in Moscow. Later as a business consultant was involved in several projects on establishing and launching the new Russian Commodity Exchanges in Moscow.    (1ZBO)

Played the major role in developing the foundations of Experientology and for more than 20 years conducted the sophisticated researches of the topic. Approaches experientology as an interdisciplinary subject that combines the elements of Psychology, Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of Mind, Social Philosophy, Cultural Anthropology, Computer Science, Math and Logic. Focuses on the issues of structuring, accumulating and translating of the social experience or the experience formed within the social systems and by the social systems. Considers Experientology to be an integral part of Ontology, focused on the analysis and understanding of the entity’s personified behavior and existence.    (1ZBP)

During the past 10 year played the significant role in developing the QuaSy IT System and Business Entity Ontological Model (BEOM). Designed QuaSy and BEOM approaches in collecting, organizing and translating the unique individual experience of a single organizational structure (for instant business enterprise) within the governmental or business sector.    (1ZBQ)

Dun Rose Ltd. 138 Pushkinskay Str., Rostov-on-Don, RUSSIA, 344010    (1ZBR)    (1ZBS)    (1ZBT)