Bill Jarrold    (OHJ)

After getting his B.S. in Cognitive Science at MIT, Bill moved down to Texas where everything is big, including knowledge based systems. While in Texas he worked on Cyc, a large common sense ontology, for 10 years - first at MCC and then at Cycorp. He completed his PhD in Counseling Psychology in the Department of Educational Psychology at UT Austin in 2004. Since graduating he has worked at UT and now SRI building the ontology for CALO - a DARPA sponsored project to build a cognitive agent that learns and organizes.    (OM9)

In addition to CALO, he is interested in knowledge-based models of emotion. His dissertation involved modeling how people reason about others'emotions as a means of understanding and treating autism. Other aspects of his work have involved evaluation and testing of knowledge based systems, ontologies of space and motion. More details can be found at Papers can be found at    (OMA)