Athanassios I. Hatzis, PhD    (35DT)

Recent Work    (3GLD)

Athanassios is a health IT professional and the founder of HEALIS an independent, non-profit agency that promotes Medical Life Guard. MEDILIG application has an extensive continuous health care record schema built into popular RDBMS with multilingual, international health coding standards linked to RAD environments of Microsoft-Open Office. MEDILIG since its first release, two years ago, has been on the top ten list of the most popular EHR and EMR software at SourceForge. Athanassios has realized that the future of complex information systems is on a common path with that of the Semantic Web evolution. He is now active in the research of ontologies, noSQL databases, and information visualization aiming to apply new methods and techniques in the health industry. The NEURORGANON web site hosts his perspective on a web of linked concepts with Neurorganon Upper Level Ontology as the foundation ontology of it.    (3GLE)

Health Information Technology Management    (3GLF)

Athanassios has been Health Information Managing Director of the Department of Neurosurgery in the University of Athens situated at “Evangelismos” General Hospital, one of the biggest in Greece, for four years. The adoption and use of electronic medical record and clinical decision support systems, surgical teleconferencing and out-of-hospital clinical monitoring were his major achievements. He also managed quality reports to assure funds of 250000€ for the running of IT activities and proved to be effective in communication and cooperation with many different groups of people such as neurosurgeons, nursing staff, administrative personnel, technicians, hospital IT, telecommunication companies, and health vendors. This fruitful collaboration resulted in a fully modernized, fully operational, hospital clinic, the first in the history of “Evangelismos” General Hospital and a model clinic for others to follow in Greece.    (3GLG)

Research Background    (3GLH)

Besides his Health IT management skills, Athanassios has a strong research background in clinical applications of Speech Technology. He spent ten years on research and education in top U.K universities. Most importantly he was the initiator and work-package technical leader of Ortho-Logo-Paedia (OLP) project (2.67M€, QoL, FP5) and the principal investigator of Speech Recognition for Severely Dysarthric Speakers (STARDUST) project (EUR 275000€, NEAT, NHS, U.K). Based on these projects and his PhD (Optical Logo-Therapy) Department of Computer Science, University of Sheffield, (assessment grade 5/5), founded CAST (clinical applications of speech technology), a multidisciplinary group. He has also published both in Speech Technology and neurotechnology sectors in peer reviewed journals and conferences.    (3GLI)