Andries van Renssen    (3E25)

Dr. Ir. Andries van Renssen
owner of
Research and Consultancy on Information Modeling

email: andries.vanrenssen [at]    (3E26)

see:    (3E27)

Born at Utrecht on 9 March 1946.    (3E2D)

 1958 – 1964	Secondary school HBS-B of the ‘Christelijk Lyceum’ at Utrecht.
 1964 – 1970	Study Mechanical Engineering and Physical Technology at the Eindhoven University of Technology.	
                Thesis: ‘The economic optimization of the design of a fish-protein concentrate plant’.
 1968 – 1971 	Teacher in Physics at high school ‘Guido de Bres’ at Amersfoort.
 1971 – 1976	Software engineer at Comprimo Engineers and Contractors B.V.
 1976 – 1980	(Senior) process engineer at Comprimo Engineers and Contractors B.V.
 1980 – 1981	Department head Information analysis at Systware B.V.
 1981 – 2010	Various jobs at Shell, among which:
                - Department head software engineering
                - Department head artificial intelligence systems
                - Department head refinery logistics systems
                - Department head information management
                - Principal engineer / consultant information management    (3E2B)
 - Member of the International Standardization Organization in various committees, such as ISO TC184/SC4 and co-developer of various ISO and IEC standards, such as ISO 10303, ISO 15926, ISO 16354 Guidelines for Knowledge Models.
 - PhD (2005): Gellish, A Generic Extensible Ontological Language, see:    (3E2C)