AJ Chen    (SQI)

AJ Chen, PhD
Palo Alto, California, USA.    (SQJ)

Leading an open source project to promote open data on semantic web.    (SQL)

Building free R&D community search site and semantic data publishing tool at http://web2express.org.    (SQM)

Coordinating W3C Scientific Publishing task force at http://esw.w3.org/topic/HCLS/ScientificPublishingTaskForce.    (SQK)

Co-chair of the Silicon Valley based SDForum's Semantic Web SIG (Special Interest Group)    (12R9)

Bio    (12RA)

An Jun Chen, PhD, Sr. Search Engineer, Healthline.com Dr. Chen is an advocate of semantic web and digital health. Currently a Sr. Search Engineer at Healthline.com , he applies ontology and knowledge base for developing search engine focusing on consumer healthcare. Working with various open communities and open source software, he is also experimenting new and practical approaches that help make semantic data web a reality, including coordinating the scientific publishing task force for W3C's Semantic Web HCLS Group. Previously, Dr. Chen had developed genome sequencing technologies for the vision of personalized medicine, playing technical and product roles at Hyseq, Callida Genomics, and Complete Genomics. Earlier, Dr. Chen worked with Nobel Prize winner Dr. Barry Marshall to introduce new disease treatments and diagnostics to China. Dr. Chen earned his Ph. D. in Biochemistry from U. of Utah and did postdoctoral research at Duke Medical School.    (12RB)