Ahsan Morshed    (28EX)

Senior Information management specialist,
Food and Agricultural Organization of UN (FAO)
Rome, Italy    (28FT)

I am Information management Specialist at Food and Agricultural Organization of UN(FAO),Rome ,Italy. I am in-charge of Agrovoc thesaurus and Agrovoc Concept Server (Modern Controlled Vocabullary) and other Agrovoc related projects at FAO. I have completed my PhD on 12th of April from University of Trento,Italy. My core research area is "Controlled Vocabulary mapping in the distributed System". I have developed faceted based methodology for Agrovoc and CABI mapping project. You can download my thesis from here: http://eprints-phd.biblio.unitn.it/266/    (2E12)

Recently, I am involved with Agrovoc and AgroXML project with KBTL, DFKI,AIFB and FAO.    (28FU)

In the past, I have done my master's from Royal Institute of Technology (KTH),Sweden. My thesis was "Evaluation of Ontology Construction tools and Ranking techniques". you can see http://eprints.biblio.unitn.it/archive/00000747/01/013.pdf    (28FW)

I am writing blog on different issues about vocabularies and semantic problems : You can see : http://ahsanmorshed.blogspot.com/    (28FW)

I am member of NKOS group as a KOS expert.    (28FX)