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Date: Tue, 17 May 2011 18:38:48 -0700
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Thought I'd forward this announcement here ...

Congratulations to the Protege team and all who are involved to make this happen!

This is exciting ... and a real achievement!  

Regards.  =ppy

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From: Jennifer Vendetti <vendetti@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, May 17, 2011 at 6:16 PM
Subject: [protege-releases] WebProtege 0.5 Beta
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We are pleased to announce the first beta build of WebProtege (version 0.5, build 500)! 

Please post questions, comments, and bug reports on the protege-discussion mailing list.  Installation instructions are available on the Protege wiki.


Release Notes

New functionality

  • Restriction editing is supported in the Restriction Portlet. The portlet has support for auto-complete for entity names.

  • Threaded notes and discussions are now supported in he Notes Tree Portlet.

  • The HTML Message Portlet allows the embedding of arbitrary HTML pages or snippets as part of a WebProtege tab. This portlet can be used for warnings, alerts, news, embedded documentation, and so on.

  • The Properties View Portlet shows the properties that are in the domain of the selected class, similar to the Properties View in Protege 3.x.

  • WebProtege now enforces the read and write access right permissions as defined in the metaproject.

  • Users can now sign in with their OpenID account, such as Google, Yahoo, AOL, Flickr, etc. The first time a user signs in with the OpenID, she will be prompted to associate it with a WebProtege account. For subsequent sign ins, the user can simply use the OpenId. The associated OpenId accounts can be edited in the Options menu -> Edit profile.

  • It is now possible to watch a class or a branch in the class tree, similar to the Watch functionality available in wikis. The Watched Entities portlet will display the changes that occurred in the watched entities and branches.

  • The users may opt to be notified of changes occurring in their watched entities or branches, as well as in the notes and discussions attached to these entities. The notification is sent by email and can be configured, together with the notification frequency, in the Options menu -> Edit profile.

  • It is now possible to create direct links to entities in the ontology that will open WebProtege with the entity selected. The direct link to a class in the ontology can be retrieved by right clicking on the class in the class tree and selecting Show direct link from the context menu. This link can then be sent by email or instance messaging to other users.

  • Users may now change their password from the Options -> Change password menu in the top right corner of the display. The password can be reset and sent by email if the user clicks on the Forgot password link in the Login panel.

  • Users with adequate access rights can create new users from the Options menu -> Add new user.

  • It is now possible to restrict the access to a WebProtege installation by requiring a password to get to the initial page of an ontology.

UI Layout Enhancements

  • WebProtege stores the user interface configuration in a XML file that can be manually edited to change the layout of tabs and portlets. The configuration can be generic (applied to all projects), project specific (applied to one project for all users), or project/user specific (is custom for a project and user).

  • Added support for building domain specific knowledge acquisition forms. Forms are similar to the ones in the Protege 3.x series in which a property in the ontology is associated to a widget that can display and edit the values of the property. Available property widgets: text field, text area, combo box, grid, etc. See documentation.

  • New property form widgets:

    • Instance check box

    • Instance radio button

    • Instance combo-box

    • Class select widget

    • Property select widget

  • Several of the property form widgets can be configured to work with single or multiple cardinality properties by setting the flag multiple_values_allowed to true/false in the XML configuration for the portlet.

  • It is possible to prevent users from changing the layout of their WebProtege by hiding the Ontology toolbar in the XML configuration file by setting the flag showOntologyToolbar to false in the <project> element. It is also possible to prevent users from closing a tab by setting the closable flag to false in the tab XML configuration.

  • The Properties Form Portlet supports now type-based tab activation. The tabs in the portlet can be configured to show up only if the selected entity has certain types (e.g. rdf:type).

  • It is now possible to create your own tabs, add portlets to them, and set a controlling portlet for the tab. The controlling portlet sets the selection for the rest of the portlets in a tab. For example, in the Classes tab, the class tree portlet is the controlling portlet.

  • It is possible to change the controlling portlet of an existing or new tab dynamically at run time by using the configure icon in the title bar of a portlet.

  • The selection in the different tabs is now synchronized. For example, if a user selects a class in the Classes tab, and then switches to the Individuals tab, the same class will be selected.

  • You may save the layout from the Ontology toolbar using the Save icon (right-most icon). This feature is still under development.

  • It is now possible to set the order of a portlet in a tab in the configuration xml by using the <index> element.

Other enhancements and bug fixes

  • Better support for linking terms from BioPortal ontologies with the BioPortal Reference Portlet:

    • Added support for composite search: each search term will be expanded

    • Added support for searching on synonyms and on other property values

    • The search results presentation has been enhanced. It shows the preferred term, show whether the search term was found in preferred term, synonym or id, and the matched content.

    • The search can be restricted to a subset of BioPortal ontologies

  • The Parents Portlet displays the direct superclasses of the selected class with clickable links for easy navigation.

  • Fixed the All Properties Portlet that shows the annotations (or own slots for Frames ontologies) associated to an entity in the ontology. The language of a rdfs:literal is now also editable.

  • Fixed a resizing issue for the top panel of WebProtege.

  • The properties stored in the protege.properties are now available to both the client (UI) and the WebProtege server. Properties that are not supposed to be shared with the client can be black-listed in a file blacklist.properties.

  • Various other bug fixes and enhancements

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