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[oor-forum] Expectations, guidance for the OOR Panel of 8/22/08: "Gettin

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Date: Tue, 12 Aug 2008 17:18:34 -0400
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Folks,    (01)

We'd like to describe some expectations and provide some guidance to
the panelists for the OOR Panel session scheduled for August 22, 2008.     (02)

The panelists will be the following:
MikeDean, MarkMusen / BenjaminDai, BruceBargmeyer, PatHayes, LiDing.      (03)

We need to move the OOR effort from discussion to action. This means
that we need to identify usable programming code/services now and firm
up implementation commitments. I.e., who can provide what now and in
the future.    (04)

We need to identify existing software that can be packaged into OOR
modules and identify programmatic interfaces to existing repositories
that can be used in a federation approach. If we could demonstrate the
federation of existing repositories such as BioPortal, XMDR,
SemanticMediaWiki, etc., that would be a major milestone. In addition,
we want to ensure that Common Logic and its tools -- existing and
emerging -- are included in the OOR realization (minimally, we envision
OWL/RDF, CL, and possibly other languages/standards such as SKOS as
being in the picture).    (05)

Some key preparation guidelines primarily for the panelists, but also
for participants and the [oor-forum] to consider, are the following:    (06)

1) We'd like you to describe the capabilities and services that the
existing repository software has. 
2) We'd like to gauge your willingness to share design, code and
resources on an ongoing basis.
3) We'd like you to expose your programmatic interfaces that would
support federating the software modules as a part of OOR.    (07)

4) We invite each panelist's own perspective on "synergies and gaps"
for OOR, i.e., possible synergies that you see among the prospective
contributors to OOR (i.e., the repository and other efforts) and
potential gaps that no current repository provides but would be useful
for OOR, etc.  
5) Concerning the the logistics, Peter will provide more information
6) We ask all participants to come join us and tell us what else they
want to get from this session.    (08)

Leo    (09)

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