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[ontology-summit] Ontology Summit 2015 Pre-Launch Summary and Chat Trans

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From: Michael Gruninger <gruninger@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 11 Dec 2014 14:47:42 -0500
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We had a very productive session today for Ontology Summit 2015
Internet of Things: Toward Smart Networked Systems and Societies

Mark Underwood has agreed to be co-chair for the Summit.

We identified four main content Tracks for the Summit:
Track 1:  Ontology Integration in IoT (co-champions RamSriram, LeoObrst)
Track 2: Beyond Semantic Sensor Network Ontologies (co-champions: TorstenHahmann, Gary Berg-Cross)
Track 3: Decision Making in Different Domains (
Track 4: Related Standards and Synergies for Emerging IoT Ontologies (MarkUnderwood) The Kickoff session will be on January 15, 2015. People who are interested in helping with the organization of the Summit can join the Organizing Committee session on January 9, 2015. The full chat transcript is below:

MichaelGruninger: Agenda: 1. Overview & introduction 2. Presentation of potential tracks 3. Open discussion: Identify the Tracks and other topics that will covered in OntologySummit2015 4. Nominate Track Co-champions and members of the Organizing Committee 5. Recap Actions, Summary & Wrap-up
[12:28] Mark Underwood: What's the unmute for Skype (*6 toggle) ?
[12:29] MichaelGruninger: Mute is *6 and unmute is *7
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[12:38] Mark Underwood: +1 on that location... I have a contact at NSF on the Big Data side, but he's onto unaware
[12:40] Mark Underwood: Chaitan Baru
[12:44] Ram D. Sriram: @Michael: What is the URL for the Shared Screen
[12:45] LeoObrst: In the past, FrankOlken of NSF has participated in the Ontology Summits.
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[12:59] LeoObrst: What is SDLC?
[13:00] TerryLongstreth: +1 Leo: this old IBM programmer knows it as Synchronous Data Link Control
[13:01] Ram D. Sriram: SDLC: Software Development Life Cycle
[13:02] TorstenHahmann: +1 for Panel on research funding
[13:03] John Morris, Toronto: I guess we won't mention LU 6.2 either . . . : )
[13:04] TerryLongstreth: NEW rule for presentations: all acronyms are defined
[13:05] TorstenHahmann: one question: what is meant by multimodal in Track 2?
[13:06] Gary Berg-Cross: Ram, just to confirm the target dates for the Symposium you mention are April 30 and May 1 ?
[13:06] MichaelGruninger: Can we have the Industry-Government Panel on Research Funding at the Symposium?
[13:07] MichaelGruninger: If time allows in the overall Summit schedule, we could include a virtual Industry-Government Panel on Research Funding session
[13:07] Ram D. Sriram: @Gary: Yes April 30, May 1
[13:07] TorstenHahmann: thanks
[13:08] Mark Underwood: @Torsten - - Cross-modal  - similar to intell community's "fusion" or Complex Event Processing in industry
[13:09] TerryLongstreth: Are those dates firm? If we are invited to NSF wouldn't we be able to commit to any two weekdays from the last 3 weeks of April?
[13:10] Gary Berg-Cross: Track 4b and 6 seem to have some substantial overlap on Ontology development - How SDLC for ontology development is different from current SDLC and Related Standards and Synergies for Developing IoE Ontologies.
[13:10] SteveRay: @Ram: The ontology for sensor networks you mentioned is the "Semantic sensor network" coming out of W3C
[13:11] TorstenHahmann: One suggestion: Track 1 seems to cover cross-cutting issues that are probably addressed in all other tracks
[13:11] Mark Underwood: @SteveRay - exactly
[13:11] MichaelGruninger: Gary -- are you on the call?
[13:11] Gary Berg-Cross: yes
[13:12] Gary Berg-Cross: sorry can't unmute for now.
[13:12] LeoObrst: I would eliminate tracks on "Big Data" because we covered that last year, and I think it would water down our IoT theme. So eliminate Track 3, and the Big Data aspects of Track 5, potentially keeping the notion of Decision Making in Different Domains of the IoT.
[13:17] Gary Berg-Cross: Track 4 also seems to have a heavy tool emphasis.
[13:18] MichaelGruninger: @Gary: It seems to be more focussed on methodologies rather than tools. Can you elaborate?
[13:18] SteveRay: Naive question: What does SDLC mean on slide 9?
[13:19] Gary Berg-Cross: I take it that track 7 would include a Case Studies on multimodel sensor types...
[13:19] Ram D. Sriram: @SteveRay: Software Development Life Cycle
[13:19] Gary Berg-Cross: @Mike track 4a had "Specifications for needed tools
Current tools for developing domain specific ontologies
Extensions required for above tools
[13:20] MichaelGruninger: Track 1:  Ontology Integration in IoT
Track 2: Beyond Semantic Sensor Network Ontologies to Multimodal ontologies    
Track 4a: Methodologies for Supporting Development of Domain-specific IoT Ontologies     
Track 5: Decision Making in Different Domains    
Track 6: Related Standards and Synergies for Emerging IoT Ontologies
[13:21] RaviSharma1: can we have a new list now for tracks may be bullets on chat
[13:21] TorstenHahmann: One topic I'd like to see included but don't know where it fits is "Sensor Network Data to Knowledge (and back)"
[13:21] RaviSharma1: thanks
[13:24] AndreaWesterinen: Does Track 5 include uncertainty and inconsistencies in IoT data?
[13:25] MichaelGruninger: @AndreaWesterinen: I would think so
[13:28] LeoObrst: Here is an interesting early (2011) paper on our topic: Sara Hachem, Thiago Teixeira, Valerie Issarny. Ontologies for the Internet of Things.
ACM/IFIP/USENIX 12th International Middleware Conference, Dec 2011, Lisbon, Portugal.
Springer. <hal-00642193> https://hal.inria.fr/file/index/docid/642193/filename/IotMiddleware.pdf.
[13:28] Mark Underwood: @Andrea Yes, I tried to hint at that with "error" 
[13:28] RaviSharma1: I agree not only data but uncertainties in arriving at decisions while constructing and using the ontologies
[13:28] TorstenHahmann: fromour dicussion: change title of Track 2 to "Beyond Semantic Sensor Network Ontologies"
[13:29] AndreaWesterinen: @Ravi Good point +1
[13:32] Mark Underwood: Track 4 could be a single-session track
[13:32] Gary Berg-Cross: Maybe add Methodology to Track 6: Related Standards, Methods and Synergies for Emerging IoT Ontologies
[13:33] MichaelGruninger: Track 1:  Ontology Integration in IoT
Track 2: Beyond Semantic Sensor Network Ontologies    
Track 3: Methodologies for Supporting Development of Domain-specific IoT Ontologies     
Track 4: Decision Making in Different Domains    
Track 5: Related Standards and Synergies for Emerging IoT Ontologies
[13:33] TorstenHahmann: I like Gary's suggestion
[13:34] LeoObrst: I like Gary's suggestion too.
[13:35] John Morris, Toronto: The new OMG "DMN" (Decision Model & Notation) spec is making waves in the world of business process, and can be a vehicle for integrating ontologies into deployed systems.
[13:36] MichaelGruninger: Possible topics for Track 5: W3C, ISO, ...
[13:36] Gary Berg-Cross: @Mike, Yes I was thinking of something like having methods and synergy in the 2nd session of that track.
[13:37] MichaelGruninger: New Track proposal:
[13:37] MichaelGruninger: Track 1:  Ontology Integration in IoT
Track 2: Beyond Semantic Sensor Network Ontologies    
Track 3: Decision Making in Different Domains    
Track 4: Related Standards and Synergies for Emerging IoT Ontologies
[13:37] RaviSharma1: that is great
[13:37] MichaelGruninger: Possible Schedule:
[13:37] MichaelGruninger: 15 Jan: Kickoff
22 Jan: Track 1
29 Jan: Track 2
5 Feb: Track 3
12 Feb: Track 4
19 Feb: Synthesis I
26 Feb: Track 1
5 Mar: Track 2
12 Mar: Track 3
19 Mar: Track 4
26 Mar: Synthesis II
2 Apr: Communique discussion
9 Apr: Communique discussion
[13:38] Gary Berg-Cross: And there is time for a hackathon somewhere in that schedule?
[13:39] RaviSharma1: where will now be case studies, in common sessions I think?
[13:39] RaviSharma1: because every one is interested in case studies
[13:40] Gary Berg-Cross: Use cases are good to have up front, so perhaps one for Integration, another as part of the Sensor net, etc.
[13:41] MichaelGruninger: Each of the Tracks should allow the presentation of use cases
[13:41] Gary Berg-Cross: You could have a Hackathon on the mutlimodal issue for example or tools for IoT.
[13:42] RaviSharma1: so healthcare will be in which session, I thought it would be where everyone could see results on IoT
[13:42] John Morris, Toronto: I'd like to ask if there are specific case studies under considerations?  "Building automation" and the related "field service" domains are both subjects of ontological research.
[13:42] RaviSharma1: I meant use case or case study on healthcare ontologies?
[13:42] Mark Underwood: @Ravi you mean the FitBit-wearers?
[13:43] Gary Berg-Cross: @ravi Healthcare could be in Track 3: Decision Making in Different Domains
[13:43] TerryLongstreth: Possible Hackathon topic - integrating independently developed models (of things, of course)
[13:43] SteveRay: Other sensor ontology standards: While not an open standard at all, we might want to discuss (and invite?) the Stephen Wolfram folks on their Connected Devices Project (see http://blog.stephenwolfram.com/2014/01/launching-the-wolfram-connected-devices-project/).
[13:44] LeoObrst: I volunteer to be a co-champion of Track 1, 2, or 3.
[13:45] RaviSharma1: @Gary yes that is probably the important use for clinical decision support. what about ontologies and IoT status in Healthcare a would it be there as well
[13:45] Gary Berg-Cross: I could volunteer to co-chair Track 3: Methodologies for Supporting Development of Domain-specific IoT Ontologies
[13:45] TorstenHahmann: I'd be willing to co-chair Track 2
[13:45] MichaelGruninger: Mark Underwood will be co-chair for OntologySummit2015
[13:46] MichaelGruninger: Track 1 co-champion: Ram Sriram
[13:46] MichaelGruninger: Track 1 co-champion: LeoObrst
[13:47] MichaelGruninger: Track 2 co-champion: TorstenHahmann
[13:48] AndreaWesterinen: @Gary Your track 3 is not on the current list.
[13:48] AndreaWesterinen: I will volunteer to co-chair track 3.
[13:49] MichaelGruninger: @Gary: the methodologies topic is now subsumed by Track 4 -- so could you co-champion that Track ...
[13:49] MichaelGruninger: @AndreaWesterinen: Great!
[13:50] RaviSharma1: Decision support we need some one
[13:50] Mark Underwood: I can do that one, but would need a Summit vet to collaborate
[13:50] Gary Berg-Cross: Yes, sorry I was a version of track behind.  Either Track 4 or 2 might work for me...
[13:50] RaviSharma1: Andrea ahs volunteered
[13:51] MichaelGruninger: @Gary: You can join Torsten as co-champion of Track 2
[13:51] AndreaWesterinen: I would like help on Track 3 
[13:51] RaviSharma1: Andrea needs co chair
[13:52] RaviSharma1: I meant co champion
[13:52] MichaelGruninger: Track 3 co-champion: AndreaWesterinen
[13:52] Gary Berg-Cross: Working with Torsten is always a pleasure
[13:53] RaviSharma1: she needs one more person as do others
[13:53] MichaelGruninger: For Track 4, Mark Underwood has volunteered for Track co-champion
[13:53] TorstenHahmann: I'm more than happy to work with Gary. Sorry, I have to leave. Thanks everyone!
[13:53] AndreaWesterinen: I can ask Mike Bennett to see if he is interested in Track 3
[13:53] RaviSharma1: fine
[13:55] RaviSharma1: @Ram depends on NITRO activities session?
[13:55] MichaelGruninger: OK -- we have an initial set of co-champions, and we are still seeking additional co-champions for Tracks 3 and 4
[13:56] MichaelGruninger: We still need to pin down the dates and location for the Symposium
[13:56] RaviSharma1: @Ram yes they are sometimes able to bring the infrastructure support with them
[13:57] MichaelGruninger: If NIST hosts the Symposiuum, then the dates are April 30 and May 1
[13:57] MichaelGruninger: We are still checking to see if NITRD can host the Symposium
[13:57] RaviSharma1: yes we have a link
[13:57] TerryLongstreth: I have to leave now.
[13:58] MichaelGruninger: If NITRD is the host, then the dates are to be determined
[13:58] MichaelGruninger: If NITRD is the host, then the dates are to be determined
[14:01] AndreaWesterinen: Sorry, I have to leave now. Bye.
[14:01] Gary Berg-Cross: Someone to be dedicated to the Communique.
[14:01] MichaelGruninger: Last year, we had additional Tracks related to the Hackathon, Community Library, Production and logistics of sessions
[14:03] MichaelGruninger: Ontology Summit 2015 Kickoff: January 15, 2015
[14:03] MichaelGruninger: Organizing Committee meeting: January 9, 2015
[14:03] John Morris, Toronto: Is there a "twitter Champion", or is that tacitly, "everyone"?
[14:04] MichaelGruninger: @John Morris: OntologySummit has Twitter account
[14:05] John Morris, Toronto: Sounds great!
[14:05] Mark Underwood: @ontologysummit - equally important is hash tag promo and advance warning e.g., thru TweetChat
[14:05] RaviSharma1: SIgning off thanks and nice to see everyone happy new year if we do not have another meeting this month.
[14:06] Gary Berg-Cross: twitter is @ontologysummit
[14:07] PavithraKenjige: Can I have a login for wiki?
[14:08] LeoObrst: Just to make explicit: we also had support Teams, e.g., Ontology Summit 2014 (http://ontolog.cim3.net/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?OntologySummit2014#nid43CD), Team R - Outreach; Team M - Program Management, and Track F - Communique and Publications http://ontolog.cim3.net/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?OntologySummit2014#nid423Y.
[14:08] Gary Berg-Cross: Just flurries here in DC
[14:09] MichaelGruninger: All Track co-champions can start defining the scope of their Track, and brainstorm on potential speakers at their sessions
[14:09] MichaelGruninger: Session ended

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