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Re: [ontology-summit] [oor-forum] Todd Schneider's requirements summary

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From: Evan Wallace <ewallace@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 18 Apr 2008 14:54:51 -0400
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dbedford@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> Todd,
> Thanks for this good summary.   We are using the term 'repository' but we mean
> essentially a registry not the storage of actual ontologies, correct?   In the
> latter case, we would need an additional set of requirements.
> Best regards,
> Denise
>      (01)

My understanding is that we are talking about both Registry (a resource 
information about ontologies) and Repository (a resource providing 
persistent storage,
and retrieval of ontologies) functionality in all these OOR related 
discussions.  I am
certainly looking for both, though it is not necessary for every 
ontology registered
to be stored in an/the OOR.  Todd's requirements addressed both registry 
and repository
functions.  What other requirements do you think should be added to for 
functionality?    (02)

-Evan    (03)

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