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Date: Thu, 05 Aug 2004 20:13:11 -0400
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Hi All --

Here is my contribution for the Health Related Semantic Technology Meeting.

It is a demo of knowledge- and semantics-based mining of health data.

For initial background, please see [1].

Then, you can view, run (and change) a demo, using your browser, by following the steps [2].

You can also download the logical rules and facts used in the demo as a (large) file [3].

I hope this may be of interest.  Thanks in advance for comments.      

                                     -- Adrian Walker,  Reengineering

[1]    http://www.reengineeringllc.com/Internet_Business_Logic_and_Semantic_Web_Presentation.pdf
[2] go to http://www.reengineeringllc.com

    visit "Browsers" to ensure your browser works with the demo

    click on Internet Business Logic

    click the GO button

    select the example called "MedMine"from the list in the middle of
    the page

    at the top of the page, click on 
       "Choose an Agent and Go to its Question Menu"

    click elsewhere on the page

    you should now see a Question Menu

    click on the first sentence

    you should now see a new window with an "Ask" button

    click the Ask button

    you should now see an Answer Table

    click on "Go To the Question Menu" hold down the mouse button,
      select "Get an Explanation of the Selected Line" and release the

    you should now see a step-by-step explanation of how the system
      used the rules and facts in the example to get the answer

    please use the Help button on each page to see how to navigate

    The example called RDFQueryLangComparison1 may also be of interest

[3] http://www.reengineeringllc.com/demo_agents/MedMine.agent


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