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The SHriMP lab at the University of Victoria, British Columbia, has for
some time been working on visualization of ontologies, in the form of a
tool called Jambalaya.  This is implemented as a tab plug-in to the
Protege ontology editor (from Stanford University, protege.stanford.edu
).  We have recently released version 1.5 of this tool (available at
<http://shrimp.cs.uvic.ca> http://shrimp.cs.uvic.ca).      (03)

In conjunction with our research, we are conducting a preliminary survey
of ontology visualizations to aid in future development of the tool.
The survey is a web-based form which takes approximately 5 minutes to
complete. Questions are focused on individual experience with
ontologies, as well as the usefulness of visual support for ontology
work. The survey is online at:    (04)

http://shrimp.cs.uvic.ca/jamb-survey.htm    (05)

We greatly appreciate any time you might have for giving feedback.    (06)

the SHriMP team
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