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[ontolog] The forum archive explained

To: ontolog@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
From: "Peter P. Yim" <yimpp@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 04 Oct 2002 15:01:45 -0700
Message-id: <3D9E0FC9.53F704D4@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Hi,    (01)

I'll try to capture here a few salient point about the forum
infrastrcuture so that we can get the best out of it.    (02)

The way we are having it configured, the system will route messages
sent to <ontolog@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> to everyone who is subscribed to the
forum (i.e. both active members and observers.) Only subscribers may
post to the forum, though. Then, once every 15 minutes, the system
will convert any new messages to HTML pages, and add them onto the
forum archive, which is openly accessible to anyone on the Internet.     (03)

As the message footer says, the archive of the [ontolog] forum can be
found at http://ontolog.cim3.org/forums/ontolog    (04)

If you look closely, every paragraph (or block of text separated by a
blank line) is associated with a "purple number". This is a feature
first proposed by Doug Engelbart <http://www.bootstrap.org/engelbart/>
that allows us a more granular access to hyperdocuments by making each
"paragraph" an addressable node. The implementation employed here is
"mhpurple," developed by Eugene Kim, who is also here on our forum.     (05)

If you mouse over a "purple number" on any archived message page, and
right-mouse-click, you can copy the link location (shortcut) that
would take you right back to the beginning of that particular
paragraph. The reason why I am trying to explain this, is to request
that we all try to break our ideas into paragraphs (with a blank line
between them) in our postings. That way, people can always refer back
to them (in the archive) by citing corresponding node links, when
anyone wants to. For example, if I wanted to draw your attention to
the background of this forum, I would say,
see http://ontolog.cim3.org/forums/ontolog/0209/msg00000.html#nid05     (06)

One more things, 
If it is possible to do on your email client, please set it so that
postings to the list is in "plain text" (this is a global setting on
my Netscape Messenger; but, on Outlook or Outlook Express, this can be
individually configured for each entry in the address book), and wrap
that text at 70 characters per line. [Reason: I have noticed that the
footer on the post -- which provides the posting address and the url
to the forum archive -- is suppressed when the message is in HTML.]
(If you can't do it on your mail client, then don't worry. Proper
routing of messages would still be done.)     (07)

To post messages mailto:ontolog@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
An archive of the [ontolog] forum can be found
at http://ontolog.cim3.org/forums/ontolog    (08)
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