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[iaoa-member] IAOA Assembly: Details on voting items and procedure

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From: Michael Gruninger <gruninger@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 02 Apr 2014 17:15:37 -0400
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Dear IAOA members,    (01)

last week I had announced the upcoming (virtual) assembly for discussion and
approval of the Association's 2013 Financial Statement and the proposed 2014
Budget, as necessitated by our Statute and other legal requirements. You can
now find the two corresponding documents available at the IAOA website at
[1-2].    (02)

IAOA is doing financially very well, while actively supporting events for
our community. At the beginning of the year 2014 the balance was roughly
21,300 Euros. Please have a look at both files and especially their
accompanying comments below.    (03)

Discussion on the budgets (and possibly other issues concerning the
Association) can start now at the [iaoa-member] mailing list [3] and can be
taken into account until April 09. Everyone is invited to contribute
questions or comments as they occur. If necessary, revised final versions
will be published on April 11 for your inspection.    (04)

Approval of both items will be held via electronic ballots between April 15
and April 22 (inclusively, anywhere in the world) [4]. All votes are
anonymous. Further details on the voting process are below the budget
comments in this message and on [5]. They will be distributed again when the
ballot starts.    (05)

For approval we need to satisfy a quorum of at least 50% of the current
members plus one. Please note that only those members can vote who have an
active membership, i.e., who have already completed their membership renewal
for 2014 or have newly joined us this year. The quorum is determined on
April 14; membership changes are suspended from April 14 to the end of the
ballot (but you can initiate your renewal). Yet everyone can contribute to
discussions beforehand. If we are not able to meet the quorum requirement, a
second call will be necessary.    (06)

If the quorum is met, the 2013 Financial Statement and the 2014 Budget will
be approved by a favorable vote of a simple majority of all actual
participants in the ballot. The outcome of the voting will be announced to
the [iaoa-member] mailing list by April 30.    (07)

PLEASE be aware that your vote is truly important to let our Association
move forward - and IT JUST TAKES A FEW MINUTES! We really count on your
participation between April 15 and April 22 and we will highly appreciate
your support of IAOA in this respect, as a community.    (08)

Thanks and best wishes,
Michael Gruninger
IAOA President    (09)

Comments on Financial Statement and Budget
------------------------------------------    (010)

We submit to vote a Financial Statement with a very positive balance of more
than 21,300 Euros for 2013, while significant funding of event organization
and participation was provided. Adjusted for revenues and expenses that will
be settled in the current year, the balance is 27,900 Euros.    (011)

In 2013, we had 142 active members, with a high renewal rate. This is in
line with the membership of the preceding years in which we had no major
event like the Formal Ontology in Information Systems (FOIS), such as 2011.    (012)

Because of the excellent state of the IAOA finances and as planned in the
2013 budget, we could provide grants supporting the participation of
students in IAOA events, namely the 2013 Summer Institute and the Workshop
on Modular Ontologies (WoMO 2013). We have also contributed to the expenses
of one Summer Institute facilitator and one WoMO invited speaker. Finally,
we helped an IAOA supported event, the workshop SHAPES 2.0, to cover the
expenses of an invited speaker.    (013)

We are still expecting the donation corresponding to the FOIS 2012 surplus,
which has not yet been implemented for mere practical reasons, but will be
in 2014. This amount is the major figure that determines the virtual balance
of 27,900 Euros by Dec 31, 2013.    (014)

Starting with strong finances in 2014, the Executive Council (EC) feels that
ca. 25,000 Euros are a safe reserve. The EC decided to increase spending
this year beyond the expected revenues and run a deficit of 2,500 Euros. As
in previous years, we plan to sponsor several ontology-related conferences
and workshops and provide travel grants for students, which includes support
of events of two increasingly active Special Interest Groups (Design
Semantics; Semantic Web Applied Ontology).    (015)

Thanks to the stellar efforts of Giancarlo Guizzardi and Renato Rocha Souza
to raise additional funding for FOIS 2014 and the Summer School 2014, we
expect both major events to break even. Note that we budgeted some funding
for student travel grants in the IAOA budget. The organizers of FOIS
2014 and the Summer School may be able to raise the overall grants by means
of additional funds.    (016)

Overall, we find the state of IAOA's financial situation to be robust, with
promising prospects for 2014. Thus we ask you for your approval and support
by casting your vote in this year's first Assembly.    (017)

Voting details
--------------    (018)

The assembly will be called to order by the President for April 15, 00:00
(UTC+14) [4]. The act of casting a ballot will constitute a member's
participation in the assembly.    (019)

The voting options for the 2013 Financial Statement will be "Yes" (for
acceptance), "No" (for rejection), and "Abstain".
The voting options for the 2014 Budget will be "Yes" (for no objections),
"No" (for rejection), and "Abstain".    (020)

During the assembly / voting period:    (021)

1.) Go to the "Member's Area" [6] and log in with your IAOA account details.    (022)

Your user name corresponds to the email address registered with IAOA (which
may differ from the one specified for [iaoa-member]). If you do not remember
your password, you can reset it immediately via [7], found as a link at the
main page [8] or "Membership and Benefits" [9]. Via resetting your password
you should receive a message at the email address that acts as your user
name.    (023)

2.) In the "Member's Area" [6], click on the tab "Utilities" (the left-most
menu item in the top link bar). Then click on the corresponding item for the
voting system.    (024)


----------    (026)

[1]http://www.iaoa.org/resources/financial-statement-2013.pdf    (027)

[2]http://www.iaoa.org/resources/budget-2014.pdf    (028)

[3]iaoa-member@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx    (029)

     http://ontolog.cim3.net/mailman/listinfo/iaoa-member    (030)

     (role-based login data for the archives of the list can be found at the
bottom of [6])    (031)

[4] voting period    (032)

start time:
http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?iso=20140415T00&p1=274    (033)

end time:
3399    (034)

[5]http://ontolog.cim3.net/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?IAOA_Assembly_2014_04    (035)

[6]http://iaoa.org/members/members.php    (036)

[7] Link for resetting your "Member's Area" password:
     https://secure.iaoa.org/users/edit-user-pw_reset.php    (037)

[8]http://iaoa.org/    (038)

[9]http://iaoa.org/membership/membership.html    (039)

     (you may need to reload the page to see the link for password resetting)    (040)

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