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Date: Sun, 15 Sep 2013 15:43:41 +0200
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Dear IAOA members,    (01)

I would like to provide my position statement as a candidate in the  
current EC elections - please see below.    (02)

Thank you very much and best regards,
Frank Loebe    (03)

Position Statement
I am a member of the Executive Council (EC) since January 1, 2013,  
being very grateful for the opportunity to support IAOA in this way.  
In particular, I am serving as Secretary of our Association since the  
same date. While trying to follow the big footprints of my  
predecessors in this role, my assessment has only intensified that  
they invested serious amounts of time and effort in these regards.    (04)

By definition, the Secretary is involved in various administrative and  
communicative tasks, some parts of which may not be easily visible.  
Besides my learning and adoption of the corresponding established  
procedures, one item of some visibility is given by first steps to  
strengthen the distribution of information over social media and  
social networks, i.e., using IAOA's blog and the Facebook group in  
addition to established means of communication. I certainly see  
possibilities for enhancements, in this and other administrative  
regards, despite good achievements in the past. Seeking and fostering  
such improvements is the major new goal that I would add to my  
position as an EC candidate in 2012.    (05)

Without repeating the details of the 2012 statement (please cf. [1] on  
(1)-(4)) let me update the list of items that I deem open and  
important (no ranking intended):
(1) further advancement of community interchange,
(2) visibility of ontology success stories,
(3) research methodologies and evaluation in applied ontology,
(4) stabilization of educational efforts,
(5) further improvements within IAOA administration and communication.    (06)

Outside the context of IAOA, I'm studying and working in applied  
ontology since 2000, mainly on (top-level) ontological analysis and  
the representation and engineering of ontologies. There is further a  
stronger tie to bio-ontology, e.g. I have been involved in organizing  
workshops of the series "Ontologies in Biomedicine and Life Sciences"  
(OBML) several times.    (07)

As Secretary, but likewise as a candidate, I will be grateful if you  
participate in this EC election by casting your vote. Mainly as a  
candidate, I hope you find the ideas above worth supporting.    (08)

Frank Loebe    (09)

http://ontolog.cim3.net/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?IAOA_ExecutiveCouncil_Election_2012#nid3CUH    (010)

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