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From: Marion Haemmerli <Marion.Haemmerli@xxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 15 Sep 2013 14:21:40 +0200
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Dear all,    (01)

I want to thank Laure Vieu for suggesting my nomination and all those 
who expressed their support for my candidature. It would be a pleasure 
for me to contribute to the IAOA community as a member of the Executive 
Council and I therefore accept the nomination. Please find below my 
personal statement.    (02)

Personal statement:    (03)

I am a third-year PhD student with background in philosophy and 
mathematics. In my PhD I work on mereo-topology and qualitative theories 
of various kinds of spatial location. During my studies at the 
University of Geneva, I was trained in philosophical ontology, yet in 
recent years I have had the chance to get to know the broader field of 
applied ontology through personal research and various conferences.    (04)

As a member of the Executive Council of the IAOA, I would try to bring 
in my perspective on two points in particular: Education and 
Interdisciplinarity (meaning also the link between philosophy and the 
applied sciences). On the former, I would like to bring in new ideas on 
how to make more students acquainted with applied ontology already at an 
early stage of their career. On the latter, I think that the possibility 
of applying ontology to various domains has not been sufficiently 
appreciated or realised so far by many philosophers, even though I am 
convinced that a more intensive collaboration could be fruitful. I would 
therefore like to work on the question of how the link between theory 
and application could be further strengthened.    (05)

All in all, I would be happy to contribute more importantly to the IAOA 
by participating in its Executive Council.    (06)

Sincerely,    (07)

Marion Haemmerli    (08)

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