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[iaoa-member] nomination of Marion Haemmerli

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From: Laure Vieu <vieu@xxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 12 Sep 2013 17:00:48 +0200
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Dear all,    (01)

I would like to add to the excellent nominations that already came up 
and nominate Marion Haemmerli as candidate for the EC.    (02)

Marion is a PhD student in philosophy from Switzerland, working at the 
University of Lausanne and at Columbia University under joint 
supervision of Michael Esfeld and Achille Varzi. After completing a BSc 
in Mathematics and an MA in Philosophy at the University of Geneva, she 
started a PhD on representations of space with an interdisciplinary 
approach involving formal ontology, descriptive metaphysics and AI 
qualitative representations.
She is currently serving our community as co-chair of the Early Career 
Symposium at FOIS 2014.
I believe her transcontinental and interdisciplinary experience makes 
her a perfect student candidate for the EC.    (03)

Best regards,
Laure Vieu    (04)

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