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[iaoa-member] 2013 IAOA Assembly: Executive Council Elections

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Date: Sun, 01 Sep 2013 12:57:49 -0400
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Dear IAOA members,    (01)

              The 2013 IAOA Assembly will soon be open, and we will be  
selecting members for the Executive Council. For the next few weeks,  
we foresee four main phases: Candidature, Campaigning, and Elections,  
as described below.    (02)

             The general rules we shall follow in this election period  
are those found in the IAOA Bylaws  on the IAOA Web site.
In particular, the Bylaws introduce an Election Committee in charge of  
supervising the election process. For the present elections, the  
Election Committee includes John Bateman, Stefano Borgo, Nicola  
Guarino, Riichiro Mizoguchi, Michael Gruninger,  and Valter Cavecchia.    (03)

             The calendar for the next days is as follows:    (04)

A - Candidature phase (from September 1 to September 15)    (05)

Laure Vieu and Giancarlo Guizzardi will be stepping down from the  
Executive Council. In addition, four members (Oliver Kutz, Frank  
Loebe, Fabian Neuhaus, and Leo Obrst) have come to the end of their  
terms. The Election Committee has decided to keep the present number  
of people, so 6 (six) persons need to be elected. According to the  
Bylaws, at least two members (a proposer and at least one seconder,  
none of whom should be the nominee) are required in order to make a  
nomination. The members making the nomination shall ensure that they,  
as well as the nominee, are current members of the Association, and  
that the nominee shall accept the nomination. Nominees must have been  
members for more than one year.    (06)

PLEASE START NOW MAKING YOUR NOMINATIONS, by means of a message posted  
to  iaoa-member@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx specifying the proposer, the  
seconder(s), the nominee, and optionally some motivations and/or a  
candidate's position statement (which might be circulated afterwards).  
We have also set up a wiki space to discuss these elections at  
Please feel free to use it as you prefer.    (07)

Nominations can be freely discussed on the members list from the  
nomination time to the end of the campaign phase (see below).    (08)

You can also exploit this time to take a look at the Bylaws.    (09)

B - Campaigning phase (from September 15 to September 22)    (010)

Once the candidature phase is closed, still there is a week available  
for active campaigning and discussion on the members list.    (011)

C - 2012 IAOA ordinary assembly eBallot (from September 23 - September 30)    (012)

In this period you will be asked to vote for 6 (six) Executive Council  
candidates. Please be so kind as to participate in the vote even if  
you decide to abstain, so we can count you in the quorum of  
participants.    (013)

The list of candidates and their Position Statements will be made  
available through the IAOA Web site.    (014)

Results will be announced to the mailing list    (015)

Michael Gruninger
President, IAOA    (016)

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