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[iaoa-member] IAOA ballots: ca. 13 hours left, but quorum not yet met ->

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From: "Frank Loebe" <frank.loebe@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 30 Apr 2013 11:01:09 +0200
Message-id: <006c01ce4581$45205e50$cf611af0$@informatik.uni-leipzig.de>
Dear IAOA members,    (01)

regarding our ballots on finances 2012 and 2013, right now we are still
missing 21 votes to reach the quorum of 60 votes, as determined due to the
total of 117 members by April 16.     (02)

PLEASE invest 2-3 minutes of your time to cast your vote (unless you have
already done so, then thanks a lot)! The election is only valid if we meet
the quorum. Otherwise, another round of voting must be setup and run
(Statute Art. 18 [1]).     (03)

Every single vote is important. Keep in mind that _each_ current member is
eligible and requested to vote, including regular as well as student
members. All votes are anonymous.
You might not feel particularly familiar with the Association's finances and
thus hesitate. But it is part of IAOA's democracy and openness principles to
publish financial statements and ask members for their support of these.
Therefore, please contribute your vote with just a little effort.    (04)

You can vote online until today, April 30, 23:59:59 CEST [2].    (05)

QUICK SUMMARY of voting steps:
1.) Go to the IAOA website, item "Members's Area", tab "Utilities"
    (equivalently, directly to [3])    (06)

   [3] http://www.iaoa.org/members/utilities/utilities.html    (07)

2.) Select "2013 Vote for Financial Statement and Previsional Budget"
3.) Cast your vote, please  -> THANK YOU!    (08)

Detailed voting instructions appear at [4]. All votes are anonymous.    (09)

[4] http://ontolog.cim3.net/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?IAOA_Assembly_2013_04    (010)

The relevant documents (financial statement plus previsional budget) are
accessible at [5-6].    (011)

[5] http://www.iaoa.org/resources/financial-statement-2012.pdf
[6] http://www.iaoa.org/resources/budget-previsions-2013.pdf    (012)

If you have forgotten your IAOA password, reset it yourself via [7] or just
send a note to secretary@xxxxxxxx .    (013)

Thank you very much in advance for supporting IAOA in these ballots,
Frank Loebe
Secretary, IAOA    (014)

[1] http://www.iaoa.org/iaoaorga/statute/statute.html    (015)

215    (016)

[3] http://www.iaoa.org/members/utilities/utilities.html    (017)

[4] http://ontolog.cim3.net/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?IAOA_Assembly_2013_04     (018)

[5] http://www.iaoa.org/resources/financial-statement-2012.pdf    (019)

[6] http://www.iaoa.org/resources/budget-previsions-2013.pdf     (020)

[7] https://secure.iaoa.org/users/edit-user-pw_reset.php     (021)

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