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[iaoa-member] SHAPES 2.0 proceedings

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From: Oliver Kutz <okutz@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 9 Jul 2013 14:37:04 +0200
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Dear all,    (01)

We are very pleased to announce that the SHAPES 2.0 proceedings have now been 
published and can be accessed here:    (02)

Direct link:
http://ceur-ws.org/Vol-1007/    (03)

Via the SHAPES 2.0 website:
http://cindy.informatik.uni-bremen.de/cosy/events/shapes2/programme/    (04)

SHAPES is an initiative of the IAOA Special Interest Group: 
Design Semantics: Ontologies, Inference, and Standards for Spatial Design 
(www.designsemantics.org)     (05)

As discussed during SHAPES 2.0, we are already considering potential venues for 
the next SHAPES workshop. We look forward to your support and participation at 
SHAPES 3.0. If you do have some comments or suggestions, please do not hesitate 
to email us.    (06)

Best regards, 
SHAPES 2.0 Co-Chairs
Oliver, Mehul, Stefano, Paulo    (07)

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