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Date: Wed, 20 Mar 2013 19:15:48 +0000
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Hi. We want to launch a revitalizing campaign for our Association blog (http://iaoablog.blogspot.hk/; http://www.iaoa.org/iaoablog.php). Since its humble beginnings, we are aware that very little has been done, partly due to the hectic schedules we all know, partly motivated by the indecisiveness regarding the topics we can cover.

We are a big precious community and it is hard to accommodate all tastes. From here the proposal to ask You what kind of topics, within the frame of ontology, you'd like to see displayed in the blog.

>From scattering down a few keywords to sharing with us links and docs you find interesting: your valuable opinion counts! Join the discussion on FB and/or via the internal Association mail, join hands to keep the blog alive.

Thank you for your contribution.


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