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[iaoa-general] Public Report IAOA-EC meeting n.51 - Thu 2011.11.23

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From: Stefano Borgo <stefano.borgo@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 30 Nov 2011 15:02:47 +0100
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Dear IAOA-general mailing list subscribers,    (01)

please, find below the public report of the 51th IAOA Executive Council meeting.    (02)

The past public reports are collected at
http://www.iaoa.org/iaoaorga/reports/reports.html    (03)

If you are an IAOA member but do not have the password to access the IAOA 
member's area (http://www.iaoa.org/members/members.php), 
contact the association at: info@xxxxxxxx    (04)

Stefano Borgo
on behalf of IAOA EC    (05)

---    (06)

Fifty-first meeting of the IAOA Executive Council (EC)
Virtual Meeting of 23 N0v 2011    (07)

Nicola Guarino (chair)
John Bateman
Stefano Borgo
Michael Gruninger
Giancarlo Guizzardi
Leo Obrst
Peter Yim    (08)

The EC looked at the treasurer suggestions about the financial agreements for 
FOIS 2012. The last details on these aspects will be clarified by the IAOA 
treasurer, the local organizer and the FOIS general chair in a separate meeting.    (09)

The EC acknowledges and is happy with the keynote speakers chosen for FOIS 
2012: Steve Ray, Laure Vieu and Ed Zalta.
The EC congratulates with Frank Loebe who has accepted to be the Publicity 
Chair for FOIS 2012.    (010)

The new website of the IAOA is being populated by importing previous 
information (e.g. past supported events) and adding new material.     (011)

The EC recognizes the needs to reach other groups/communities active in the 
organization of ontology events and schools as stated in the Statute of the 
IAOA. One goal is to increase IAOA visibility in established ontology events 
and to increase the number of members from the Semantic Web community.    (012)

The EC went through the status of previous decisions.    (013)

(End of Report)    (014)

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