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[iaoa-general] Public Report IAOA-EC meeting n.49 - Thu 2011.10.20

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From: Stefano Borgo <stefano.borgo@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 27 Oct 2011 22:24:42 +0900
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Dear IAOA-general mailing list subscribers,    (01)

please, find below the public report of the 49th IAOA Executive Council meeting.    (02)

The past public reports are collected at
http://www.iaoa.org/council/reports/reports.html    (03)

If you are an IAOA member but do not have the password to access the IAOA 
member's area (http://www.iaoa.org/members/members.php), 
contact the association at: info@xxxxxxxx    (04)

Stefano Borgo
on behalf of IAOA EC    (05)

---    (06)

Forty-nine meeting of the IAOA Executive Council (EC)
Virtual Meeting of 20 Oct 2011    (07)

Nicola Guarino (chair)
John Bateman
Stefano Borgo
Michael Gruninger
Ali Hashemi (invited)
Riichiro Mizoguchi
Laure Vieu
Peter Yim    (08)

The EC was informed that the website to host SIG and Committee information has 
been designed and was asked to look at it for feedbacks.
This change will permit a reorganization of the links in the existing IAOA 
Practical information about the website infrastructure will be added.    (09)

The EC went through past decisions and goals to see how things proceed and the 
status of activities.    (010)

The EC was updated on the latest news in the organization of FOIS 2012.
The call for Workshop and Tutorials at FOIS 2012 has been distributed and IAOA 
members are particularly welcome to submit proposals.
Also, a publicity chair for FOIS 2012 will be appointed.    (011)

The EC discussed possibilities for the next Ontology Summit (2012), planning 
for which is commencing among the core co-organizers.    (012)

(End of Report)    (013)

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