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[iaoa-general] Public report of IAOA EC meeting (n.26)

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Date: Thu, 26 Aug 2010 13:40:15 +0900
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Dear IAOA-general mailing list subscribers,

please, find below the public report of the 26th IAOA Executive Council meeting.

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Stefano Borgo
on behalf of IAOA EC


Twenty Sixth meeting of the IAOA Executive Council (EC)
Virtual Meeting of 25 Aug 2010

NicolaGuarino (chair)

The EC is happy to announce that the IAOA has passed the scrutiny period and is now officially in the Register of Non-Profit Associations.

Since the Treasurer has cleared all the remaining issues about changes in the membership fees, it is now official that people registering from September till December will pay only half of the official fee. This applies to first-time applicants for IAOA membership only (i.e. new members only, and not for renewals).

Our web managers are working on new on-line facilities for IAOA members. A message describing the changes will be distributed to the IAOA mailing list when the implementation is completed.

The IAOA has begun the organization of its first Summer School. The event will be held next year in Toscany (Italy) and can be repeated elsewhere upon request. The Summer School is planned as a biannual event.

The EC has discussed an initial draft of the IAOA Outreach Policy. The discussion will proceed in the next meeting.

IAOA has decided to join the OOR-team, the Ontolog community, NCBO (US National Center for Biomedical Ontology) and Creative Commons, and participate as co-organizer for the mini-series on "Intellectual properties Rights (IPR) issues relating to the OOR Initiative". The mini-series will start in September 2010.

The IAOA has agreed on a proposal to have the 5th FOMI event hold in Delft (The Netherlands) in Spring 2011. Further information will follow.

The IAOA reminds members that want to contribute to one or more of the IAOA committees to write to: info@xxxxxxxx
Please, put the committee name/topic in the subject of the email (see list at the end of this message).

New IAOA supported event:
- Seminario De Pesquisa Em Ontologia No Brasil (Ontobras), Aug 2010 (IAOA champions: Fernando Ostuni-Gauthier and G. Guizzardi)

(End of Report)

Initial list of IAOA committees (in brackets the EC-Liaison):
1. Publicity, Image and Visibiltiy - (Guarino and Bateman)

2. International Promotion Committee - (Mizoguchi and Guizzardi)

3. Education - (Obrst and Gruninger)
3.1  Summer School
3.2  PhD consortium / Doctoral Colloquium / Student exchanges
3.3  Curricula, Certification & Accreditation
3.4  Textbook / Handbook

4. Membership - (Vieu)
4.1 Interface with members - (Borgo)

5. ByLaws - (Borgo and Yim)

6. Ontology registry and repository - (Gruninger and Bateman)

7. Infrastructure - (Yim and Bateman)

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