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[iaoa-general] Public report of IAOA EC meeting (n.16)

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Date: Sat, 3 Apr 2010 19:23:09 +0200
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Dear all,

please, find below the public report of the 16th IAOA Executive Council meeting.

The public reports are collected at

** The report contains important information about the upcoming IAOA EC election.
Apply quickly for the IAOA membership (www.iaoa.org) to ensure that:
- you can be a candidate for the IAOA Executive Council, and 
- you are entitled to vote

If you receive this email via the [iaoa-member] mailing list, then you are already an IAOA member.
If not, apply online or contact me via email to verify your status.

Feel free to contact me if you have any further question.

Stefano Borgo
IAOA Secretary


Sixteen meeting of the IAOA Executive Council (EC)
Public Report (2 April 2010)

NicolaGuarino (chair)

Since the election period is coming close, the whole meeting was devoted to the discussion of this topic.
The IAOA EC has considered alternative ways to ensure participation and fairness in the process. For this reason, the election will be done via electronic means (as already discussed) and will be anticipated so to have the new EC ready for the IAOA Assembly on May 13. It is also important to the EC that members understand their fundamental role in the Association via voting and participating to the Assembly. For this reason, the EC is trying to enforce the coupling of each EC election with a following physical meeting. In the meeting the new EC officers can present their view and plan of activities and receive immediate feedback from the Association members.

The IAOA Statute sees the EC as a team that changes every 3 years. There has been a discussion, also resuming previous EC meetings, to make this structure more dynamic by requiring some of the members to be substituted at different times. The actual EC has not made a definite proposal on this issue.

The EC has agreed on making official the synchronization of the IAOA assembly meeting and the FOIS conference. This decision will solve some formal issues about budget management.
In particular, the EC will propose the Assembly to reduce the EC duration to 2 years.

The election timetable will follow this schedule:
- election proposal: April 6 (email to be sent by the IAOA secretary)
- nomination and discussion opens: April 6 (after email to IAOA-general is released)
- nomination closes: April 23
- campaigning and discussion closes: April 26
- candidate list and other ballot items published: April 27
- ballot opens: April 28
- ballot closes: end-of-day May 3 (Monday, CEST)

nomination and self-nomination allowed; 
candidates must be or become IAOA members by April 26;
only those that receive IAOA membership by April 26 can vote;
membership acceptance in this period will take no more than 3 days

(End of the Report)

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