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From: Nicola Guarino <guarino@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 9 Dec 2009 18:11:54 +0100
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Dear colleague,

some time ago you expressed your interest in the International Association for Ontology and its Applications (IAOA), by subscribing to this list. Let me remind you that, according to our Statute, to be a member of the Association you have to make an official application and to pay the subscription fee (valid throughout 2010), by visiting the web site www.iaoa.org, which is now fully operational and completely redesigned. Only official members will have the right to participate to the Association's activities and to enjoy the facilities reserved to them, such as the full-text access to the Applied Ontology journal, the FOIS conference proceedings and other ontology-related publications. Moreover, only members will be allowed to post announcements on the members mailing list, and the present mailing list will slowly disappear, being substituted by iaoa-members@xxxxxxxx.

If you have subscribed already, let me take this opportunity to announce that issue 3-4, vol. 4 of Applied Ontology is now online, with three high-quality papers which certainly will be of interest for a large audience:

Ivan J. Jureta, John Mylopoulos and Stephane Falukner: A core ontology of requirements
Mauricios Barcellos Almeida: A proposal to evaluate ontology content
Zena Wood and Antony Galton: A taxonomy of collective phenomena

Looking forward to your active contribution to our Association, please accept my best wishes for a Happy New Year and holidays time.

Nicola Guarino
President, IAOA

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