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Date: Wed, 3 Nov 2010 12:34:07 -0400
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At the EC meeting today, it was suggested that we continue our discussion on the Education Committee email list, so that all can participate.


I have prepared a summary of our discussion in Skype and in email yesterday, and this is given below.


Also we want to prepare the summer school announcement, and send it out shortly, with the content still needing to be fleshed out. Plus, how do we distinguish this summer school from the Ontology Engineering summer school be organized by Enrico Motta?








IAOA Education Committee chairs, Skype telecon, Tuesday, November 2, 2010, Topic: IAOA Summer School in Applied Ontology

Werner Kuhn, Antony Galton, Fabian Neuhaus, Robert Hoehndorf, Michael Gruninger, Leo Obrst


Skype problems. Leo lost voice, only had chat; therefore, Michael took over hosting. Others had intermittent voice problems.


Application: online at vespucci.org, starting February 1, 2011

Acceptance: until mid April 2011


Facilitators: David Mark (his funding covered), Werner Kuhn, Antony Galton, Michael Gruninger

Place: Fiesole?

Theme: Process Ontologies

Date: July 17-23, 2011 (Sunday through Sat)?

Format/structure: 2 days of introductory material; 4 days of advanced seminar, Vespucci-style

Total number of participants: 35- 40

Accommodation: hotel, bed and breakfast, or camp ground in Fiesole (20 minutes by bus from Firenze).


Est. budget (thanks to Fabian Neuhaus):


Expenses that need to be covered to break even:

Facilitators      4 000 euros

Dinners            3 000

Catering          4 000

Bus                  1 000

rainy day fund 2 000


14 000



The registration fee is 1200, 800, 500 for industry, academic,

student, respectively; and the attendance ratio is 1: 2 :4 the gross fee is

685 euro/ person. The amount charged by credit card companies varies but

let's assume 3%. Thus, the net registration fee is 665 euro per person.


But should we have special rate for students?


Assumption: IAOA has preferred non-profit tax status.


We would need 21 paying participants (3 industry, 6 academics,

12 students) to break even. Given that there will be 4 facilitators, that

means that 25 participants would be the minimum.


Other notes:

Distance from Fiesole is 15-20min to La Pietra.

Werner also states that, given the JRC support, we really do not have to worry much about breaking even this time.

Also, we may want to charge the usual Vespucci fee for the 4 days and offer a "crash course" (introductory material) as add-on for a low fee (say, 150 or 200 Euro).



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