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Date: Fri, 22 May 2009 09:28:46 +0200
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Dear all,    (01)

this is just to remind you of today's (Friday May 22) IAOA EC meeting  
starting at 4:00pm CEST    (02)

technical information can be found at this link (thanks to Peter)    (03)

http://ontolog.cim3.net/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?IAOA/CouncilConferenceCall_2009_05_22    (04)

Also, I attach below a revised version of the first meeting minute
Addition: Mark's mentioning the need to establishing an endowment;
Change: one typo corrected    (05)

-Stefano    (06)

First meeting of the IAOA Executive Council (EC)
Virtual Meeting of 12 may 2009    (07)

NicolaGuarino (chair)
PeterYim    (08)

Distributed Agenda
- Short summary of the founding meeting
- Status of the "wet signature" process
- Formal positions within the EC according to the statute: secretary,  
- Formal subscription process for new members: membership fees, ways  
of payment
- IAOA web site
- Agreement between IAOA and Ontolog
- Agreement between IAOA and IOS Press
- Management of future FOIS conferences (including FOIS 2010)
- Minimal internal rules for operational set up
- payments
- ...
- Advertizing process:
- Ontolog conference
- IAOA leaflet
- Advertizing at next conferences and workshops
- Publicity chair, with delegates in various countries?
- First proposals for next activities (brainstorming)
- Other urgent issues    (09)

Start (16:05 CEST)    (010)

1) Status of the "wet signatures" on the IAOA official document:
Guarino: he asks who has the official docs now. Yim is the next in the  
chain, he will be instructed by Sira for the next step
Decision: none    (011)

2) Founding meeting:
Report by Guarino: about 20 people at the founding meeting, there has  
been a discussion of the nature of IAOA and a few minor changes of the  
statute: one activity was added to include education, the keyword  
“knowledge management” was added, the deadline for the first ordinary  
assembly meeting was postponed to allow colocation with FOIS 2010
Decision: none    (012)

3) Nobody from Buffalo because nobody volunteered, there has been a  
last minute proposal from Barry but it arrived once the meeting was  
over and it was not possible to consider it. However, we can still   
decide to extend the EC with people we believe can give a  
contribution, although formally they can't have voting rights. So we  
may add someone from Buffalo's group (es. Donelly), comments?
No answer
Decision: no need to extend the EC on this input    (013)

4+5) People from private companies in the temporary EC and Leo's  
Yim: I’m happy to be here as Ontolog (rather than CIM3). I should make  
clear that Leo is not employee by a private company since MITRE is a  
US federal government funded research organization
Bateman: I’m happy Yim is here
Guarino: I had wrong information on the nature of MITRE and this was  
determinant in the discussion of Leo case.
Yim: question, was Leo the only not accepted?
Guarino: there were others (just a few) but I don’t recall them right  
Borgo: we may send out the list of those excluded and make a decision  
based on this list
Yim: my point raises only if Leo was left out due misjudgments on MITRE
Bateman: I agree on discussing the list as suggested by Borgo
Guarino: after these clarifications, I'm willing to revise the initial  
decision. Are there objections to include Leo in the EC?
(No objection raised)
Decision: ask Leo to join the temporary EC    (014)

6) Ratification of IAOA secretary and treasurer
Guarino: I want this association to be democratic, differently from  
previous experiences in this community. I’m willing to be president  
and will support this view. I also propose Borgo to be appointed  
secretary and Vieu treasurer. The fact that we are close will  
facilitate a lot in this initial phase of the association.
Yim, Gruninger, Musen, Galton and others: seconded
Decision: Guarino is confirmed president, Borgo is the secretary and  
Vieu the treasurer of IAOA    (015)

7+8) registration fees and report on the IOS proposal
Guarino: proposal from the founding meeting: 50 Euro for regular  
members, 10-20 Euro for students, no suggestion for organizations
Bateman: shouldn’t we discuss the IOS proposal on the AO journal  
Guarino: right, let me report on that point
AO offers free online access for the first year (this includes all AO  
publications and FOIS proceedings). After the first year, we have to  
negotiate with IOS Press.
Gruninger: 50 Euro is about average but what are the costs we expect,  
what about FOIS expenses?
Vieu: I don't have a list ready yet, we will have bank account taxes  
(max 100 Euro but it should be less), usual office material
Gruninger: we should consider possible costs related to legal actions  
and risks in conference organization. Said that, 50 euros for regular  
members is reasonable
Guarino: as an example the association can buy the FOIS proceedings  
from IOS press, we should also decide on the combination of FOIS  
registration and assoiation fees
MMusen: I think 50 is good, but we need to get ready for unexpected  
(due to liability and possible needs for professional external  
advice). How
much time do we need to collect funds to use for bad periods? (e.g. a
conference where for some kind of crisis people do not show up).
IAOA should consider establishing an endowment, an issue that the  
treasurer can investigate.
Yim: agreed
Musen: we need to have enough funds to make sure we can act if someone  
sue us.
Guarino: for the first year the liability is limited, after that we  
are fully responsible. As I see it, there are two issues in Musen  
comments, the solidity of the association and the capacity to answer  
to legal actions. It is hard to say something on these issues at this  
point. In terms of liability, a fallback will be to rely on "friendly  
institutions" (like a university) to help us out
Decision: 50 Euro for regular members, 15 Euro for students
Guarino: what about institutions?
Yim: is there any institution that we believe would likely subscribe?  
otherwise le’ts postpone this issue
Decision: the decision on institution members fee is postponed, in the  
meanwhile everybody checks what other associations do    (016)

9) ways of payment
Vieu: I suggest we open an account at an ethical bank
Bateman: seconded
Vieu: regarding “ways of payment” there are different options, e.g.,  
the online service provided by the bank itself, Paypal, paper-based  
management via fax or regular mail,...
Yim: Paypal seems more secure
Vieu: I’ll prepare some info and circulate later.
Guarino: note that the bank account will be open only when all the wet  
signature are collected
Yim: no ethical issue on Paypal, let’s keep as many payment options  
open as possible. Last time at Fois we had to enter Credit Card info  
on a printed form and I was very uncomfortable
Guarino: we will establish multiple ways of payment and make sure  
security in enforced, Pls contact Vieu if you have ideas on these  
Decision: Vieu will investigate the alternatives and distribute info  
on the options    (017)

10) internal agreement on management
Guarino: we need to decide how much money the secretary (actually,  
Sira is helping to manage the everyday work for the association) is  
authorized to spend without previous agreement (of course every money  
movement is recorded). Vieu is looking into this.
Decision: Vieu will circulate a proposal.    (018)

11) EC meetings
Yim: how often does the EC meet?
Guarino: every week for the first few weeks because advertisement  
requires organization, later we can meet once a month, comments on this?
Yim: I’m happy with that, we can fix this time each Tue.
Gruninger: seconded
Decision: we meet at this time at least for the next two weeks.  
Stefano will send a proposal to check availability for the next two  
Guarino: the meeting will be no longer than 1+1/2 hr, likely less.    (019)

12) IAOA and IOS
I’m going to send an official letter to IOS Press for the agreement on  
their proposal (see point 7+8), please send suggestions. IOS is open  
and motivated. They might even get involved as an institution.    (020)

13) Advertising presentation at Ontolog
Yim: we should fix a date for the ontolog advertising meeting
Gruninger: it is one of the best way to advertise the association. it  
will make people excited about the initiative. However, It is  
important to have the web site up before this.
Guarino: we need time to prepare the Ontolog presentation, perhaps a  
Yim: (reports on available dates)
Decision: the presentation at Ontolog will be on June 18    (021)

14) Web site
Guarino: we need to clarify the relationship between ontolog and the  
associaction and we need volunteers to help on the web site
Bateman: we can help
Guarino: we really need help here
Decision: Sira will propose something on the web site    (022)

15) FOIS
(postponed to next week)    (023)

END of meeting (17:21 CEST)    (024)

Collection of decisions that require action:
5) Decision: include Leo in the EC
7+8) Decision: 50 Euro for regular, 15 Euro for students, the issue is  
postponed for institution members.
(Guarino checks what other associations do)
9) Decision: Vieu will investigate ways of payment and distribute  
[multiple ways of payment will be allowed, security will be taken into  
11) Decision: EC meets at this time (4pm CEST) at least for the nest  
two weeks. Stefano will send a proposal to check availability
13) Decision: the presentation at Ontolog will be on June 18
14) Decision: Sira will start proposing something for the web site    (025)

First meeting of the IAOA temporary Executive Council
Public report    (026)

NicolaGuarino (chair)
PeterYim    (027)

The president (Nicola Guarino) reported on the founding meeting, the  
official version of the IAOA statute, and the latest steps toward the  
full operativeness of the association. The starting process is in good  
shape and things are proceeding as expected.    (028)

The initial discussion was on the strength of the EC and its  
representativeness. This was considered important to convey a positive  
view on the association. The EC unanimously decided to ask Leo Obrst  
to joing the EC.    (029)

Nicola Guarino as been confirmed as president and, on his suggestion,  
Stefano Borgo has been appointed IAOA secretary and Laure Vieu IAOA  
treasurer.    (030)

The EC has decided on membership fees as follows: 50 Euro for regular  
members, 15 Euro for students. In the first year, membership includes  
online access to Applied Ontology Journal and to all FOIS proceedings.
No decision has been taken regarding institutional membership fee.    (031)

The system for on-line payment of the IAOA fee will be set up once the  
official process for the establishment of the association terminates  
and the bank account is operative.    (032)

The association will be publicly presented at Ontolog (virtual  
conference) on June 18, 2009.
The web site (www.iaoa.org) is under construction.    (033)

The EC will meet every week in the first period to face the first  
issues toward full operativeness.    (034)

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