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[iaoa-council] Info on bank accounts and payments

To: IAOA Executive Council <iaoa-council@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
From: Laure VIEU <vieu@xxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 20 May 2009 12:05:33 +0200
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Dear all,    (01)

Here is a file with the best offers from two banks, Banca Etica, the 
Italian ethical bank, and Cassa Rurale di Trento, a local cooperative 
bank, whose ethical profile is not perfect but is anyway much better 
than regular banks (it has a cooperative structure and finances local 
projects and cooperative). They actually are both part of the same Banca 
di Credito Cooperativo network.    (02)

No doubt that the best offer is with Cassa Rurale, and this is what I 
thus propose to choose.
Note that regular banks offer similar prices or worse (you always have 
to negotiate, which is what I did with Cassa Rurale -- but you just 
can't with Banca Etica).
I'm afraid Italian banks are probably the most expensive ones in the 
world. In addition to having to pay a ridiculous state tax, banks make 
you pay for their "services", and I've learned that both taxes and 
services are more expensive for institutional entities than physical 
persons.    (03)

Regarding payments, I suggest that we leave open most possibilities to 
the members.
So I suggest to propose:    (04)

- bank transfer: only from Europe (no charge) due to high set charges 
from ROW, or from everywhere but with all charges paid by issuer. Note 
though that bank transfers from everywhere may cause problems, as in my 
KR2002 experience people don't stick to the rules and we end up with 
charges to pay. Other problems with bank transfers stem from 
difficulties to identify who some payments come from.    (05)

- the bank's on-line system for MasterCard and Visa (of course encrypted)    (06)

- PayPal    (07)

Here are points to discuss:
I suggest not to accept checks, more of a hassle and with high charges. 
Does someone disagree on this?
Do you think we should drop the bank transfer option to avoid problems? 
Should we allow only bank transfers from Europe (one way to enforce this 
is not to put the bank account number on the website but give it by 
email to who asks for it)?
Does anyone think there should be other options I didn't think of available?    (08)

Paypal is more expensive for us, so I propose to charge the difference 
with the bank's credit card system to users, ie, 3%  (calculated for a 
50E fee).
I don't propose to charge the difference between bank transfer (no 
charge) and the bank's credit card system (1,5%) because this would 
cause an injustice towards non-Europeans.
These issues seem of little importance for the membership fees, but 
become relevant when we consider conference fees, as can be seen in the 
simulation I made.    (09)

The bank account cannot be opened while the Association legal papers 
haven't been officially registered (and for this the signature process 
must be finished).
I'm not yet sure how quickly the bank's on-line payment system can be 
established, but I will make sure that the other two ways of payment are 
installed asap.    (010)

Laure    (011)

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