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From: Nicola Guarino <guarino@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 16 May 2009 11:34:18 +0200
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Folks,    (01)

        thanks to the FOIS Steering Committee for the discussion. It seems we  
can conclude that:    (02)

1. The current FOIS steering committee agrees to the dissolve, passing  
its task to the IAOA Executive Council, with the recommendation to  
systematically involve past program and local chairs in any decisions  
concerning the FOIS conference.    (03)

2. For the future, the FOIS Conference Chair will have the role of  
guaranteeing the continuity and scientific visibility of the  
conference across time, supervising the whole decision process  
(involving scientific, organizational, and budget aspects) in case or  
problems or conflicts, yet maintaining as much as possible a low  
profile, leaving a high decision autonomy to the program chairs and  
the local chairs.    (04)

3. The FOIS Conference Chair will stay in charge for a term spanning  
two conference events. This corresponds to a term of 4 years according  
to the present schedule.    (05)

5. The next FOIS Conference Chair will be nominated at the next IAOA  
Executive Council meeting (Friday, May 22 4pm CET), taking into  
account the proposals coming from past program and local chairs, as  
well from FOIS steering committee members.    (06)

I suggest to discuss these proposals on this mailing list (which is  
the union of IAOA executive council and FOIS steering committee),  
starting from now.    (07)

If no adjustments to the above points are proposed within next Monday  
(European Time), I assume we all agree. Start making proposals for the  
Conference Chair!    (08)

Have a nice weekend,    (09)

Nicola    (010)

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